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Qualifications for Membership as a Rep

Full Membership

Any company (such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLC’s, Corporations or other legal business entities) engaged in the electrical industry as an independent sales representative of manufacturers shall be eligible for full membership, provided that such company:

  • Has been engaged full time as such company as an independent sales representative in the electrical industry for at least two years prior to application;
  • Currently represents at least two electrical manufacturers, and maintains an office and personnel separate and apart from, and independent of, any such manufacturers;
  • Is fully owned and operated as an independent manufacturer’s representative firm and is not co-owned by any third party such as an electrical distributor, electrical contractor or any other third party not operating it as an independent manufacturer’s representative firm;
  • Has no interest adverse to, or in conflict with the Association, its general membership or its purpose;
  • Agrees to voluntarily subscribe to and adhere to the ethics standards and other standards of practice established by the Association;
  • Pays the dues established by the Association for all its members; and
  • Has received an endorsement from two current NEMRA members from the applicant’s local trading area.
  • Full members shall be eligible to vote, hold elected office, and serve on committees.
  • Each member company must designate in writing the name and title of its representative, if any, who shall be an owner, officer, or employee of the member company, who shall be entitled to act officially on behalf of the member in all matters presented to the Association. In the event that such designated representative ceases ownership or to be employed by the Association member appointing him or her, his or her official relationship with the Association as a designated representative of the member ceases simultaneously.

Associate Membership

There shall be a second class of member, entitled Associate Member, who, although they do not qualify for full membership under the Constitution and By-Laws of this Association, shall be entitled to and inured of all rights and benefits, duties and obligations, of the aforesaid full membership as enumerated above, except that:

  • Associate members shall not have been engaged as an independent sales representative for at least two years prior to application but must have at least five years in the electrical industry.
  • Associate members shall not hold any office whatever, either elected or appointed in the Association.
  • Associate members shall have no voting rights whatsoever in Association matters.
  • Associate members upon meeting the requirements of being engaged as independent sales representative for 2 years shall immediately be granted full membership in the Association without further action.

NEMRA Membership Fees:

$950 Per Company + $80 per employee (Organizational Strength)