NEMRA Empowering Mentorship Program

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This program is brought to you by the founders of the Empowering Women Mentorship Program and is specifically designed for NEMRA and its members. This program brings industry professionals together to provide emerging talents the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, gain confidence, elevate capabilities and stand out through mentoring.

Reserve your mentee’s spot today or sign up to be a mentor in the program to help develop emerging talents in the electrical industry.

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Deadline to Apply

May 6th, 2022

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To apply please fill out an application and submit it using the buttons below! You can also email your completed application directly to

Our approach

The Sponsorship Approach: We rely on industry leaders to sponsor emerging talented individuals that are the future of the electrical industry. People that are interested in investing their time and effort in this process. The sponsor vouches for them that they have the aspiration, drive and commitment for the program as well as pays the registration fee on behalf of the mentee. Being a mentee, particularly in this program, requires a commitment of time and energy. Upon being sponsored, each mentee completes an application, self-assessment and confirms he/she is willing to dedicate the time and effort to see this program through. Self-sponsorship is accepted but requires a reference or recommendation. 

Our Mentors complete a profile and self-assessment as well to identify their strengths. Those strengths and backgrounds are used to match with a mentee ensuring both get the most out of the experience. 

Why should you choose this program?

  • This program has a proven track record and is focused on emerging talents in the electrical industry – allowing us to tailor the program on specific needs and topics relevant to you.
  • Our mentors are senior leaders and experienced veterans from the industry.
  • There are networking and educational opportunities throughout the program to meet and connect with other professionals in the industry – broadening your network.
  • Guaranteed to help you develop personally and professionally.
  • There is a course plan and guidebook, providing a starting point, and an ending point (see timeline below), meeting guidelines, conversation starters, and tips for building your mentoring relationship. The program is structured – without being too rigid.

Mentorship Program Timeline

Click on the program timeline image to download your copy!

What's the cost?

There is NO cost for Mentors

Sponsorship of Mentee: $600

Sponsors agree to pay the $600 program fee on behalf of the mentee. The program fee provides access to: 

  • Empowering Mentorship Program Mentoring Guidebook – a guide that covers:
    • What is mentoring and why mentoring is important?
    • Key elements of a successful mentoring relationship
    • Roles & responsibilities
    • Qualities of a good mentee and an effective mentor
    • Meeting guidelines and sample agendas
    • Tips for building trust and rapport, asking questions, giving feedback
    • Reference templates & worksheets to ensure you’re maximizing your time together
  • Network of experienced leaders in the industry. We will match you with one of these leaders to serve as your mentor.
  • Access to the virtual kick-off and wrap-up events to connect with other mentees and mentors in the electrical industry.
  • Access to periodic networking events with other program participants during the program as well as follow-up alumni networking events.  What a great way to build your network through the EMP Community!

Become a Mentor or Mentee Today!

Choose one of the following options below to learn more about the benefits of joining this program and how to apply.


When and how can I sign up? Fill out your application (links above) and submit it to no later than May 6th, 2022.

Who can sign up? The Empowering Mentorship Program is by nomination only for individuals in our electrical industry. You have received this because someone, who believes in you, nominated you.

How do you select the participants? A mentoring program requires a commitment of time and energy of both Mentors and Mentees. As such, we ask that you take the application process seriously. We will do our best to include all mentee applicants in the program. However, given that we have a limited number of openings, we will prioritize based on first come first serve. So, if you’re interested, don’t delay in sending in your application.

What am I committing to by signing up? By applying for the mentorship program, you are committing to your personal and professional development. You will be required to complete a self-assessment to identify development goals which will be used in matching you with a mentor. Following the virtual kick-off, you will be expected to schedule and complete six 60-minute meetings with your mentor over the course of 12 weeks (ideally meeting every 2 weeks), confirm your meetings with the program manager (not the details of the meeting, only confirm that the meetings were conducted) and attend a virtual celebratory program wrap-up. You are not alone in the journey – you will receive the tools and guidance for taking the steps you need to ensure a successful mentoring relationship. 

Program Disclaimer: The NEMRA Empowering Mentorship Program is brought to you by KJ Company and Chord Marketing Services. NEMRA does not have authorization over the services being offered by KJ Company and Chord Marketing Services, and this program and any fees associated are subject to change at any time. The NEMRA Empowering Mentorship Program is available to NEMRA Members who are in good-standing only.