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April 2020


NEMRA21 will be returning to the Orlando World Center Marriott, Orlando, Florida. We have made some exciting fresh changes to our agenda!


Jon Dorenbos – Life is Magic – Get your copy now, before they are all gone!

Are you looking for an inspiring and motivating read?

You won’t want to miss out on Jon’s inspiring story of strength and transformation in his latest book ‘Life is Magic.’

Please contact NEMRA to place your order today.

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NEMRA Charity Partner Spotlight – Gary Sinise Foundation

Gary Sinise Foundation is proud to partner with NEMRA members to construct one-of-a-kind specially adapted smart homes for our nation’s most severely wounded heroes.

The simple tasks of everyday life are easy to take for granted. But living in total reliance on caregivers for even the most mundane and sometimes very personal tasks is a reality for many severely wounded military and first responder heroes. This is especially true at home.

Home is where we take comfort from the world. For our severely wounded defenders, however, life at home can be a constant battle. Without features designed for their unique needs, small chores can become insurmountable challenges.

Gary Sinise Foundation’s specially adapted smart homes provide a safe haven for these heroes to reclaim their independence. Built from the ground up with their individual needs in mind, these homes alleviate stress on the entire family.

Interested in donating materials, installation or volunteer hours? Contact the Gary Sinise Foundation at and mention you are a member of NEMRA.

Click here to donate now.

Please take a moment to watch our video


Electrical Wholesaling

Need Potential Electrical Sales Data for Your 2020 Strategic Marketing Plan?

Electrical Marketing’s editors are reporting on the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the electrical market and recently posted a 10-minute webinar on five key weekly economic indicators that will give you a sense of where’s the market at. Click here to view webinar

This type of timely market analysis – and exclusive electrical sales potential estimates – is available to all NEMRA reps, manufacturers and service companies at a special that’s 50% off the annual subscription rate. Subscribe today by clicking here for more information about this new subscription offer for NEMRA members, contact:

Jim Lucy
Content Director
Electrical Wholesaling
Phone (913) 967-1743

CRM: Empowering Systems

Collaboration Tools for Working Remotely

No matter where you’re working AccountManager CRM is there for you.

Sharing your Internet with your whole family?  Work offline with AccountManager desktop.

Want Face-to-Face meetings?  AccountManager 365 integrated video conferencing you can meet with 1 person or 250 people.

Need to fine tune your sales process or look at YoY revenue? AccountManager Analytics makes it easy. Spend time diving into your business instead of creating pivot tables.

Need a quick refresher on the clicks? Empowering Systems offers free weekly live tutorials.

Need support? Not a problem, Empowering Systems’ support is here for you, we are fully staffed from the east coast to the west coast, our phone lines and inboxes are open to help.

Empowering Systems has been serving Manufacturers’ Representatives consistently for over 25 years. We partner with our customers to help them turn a crisis into an opportunity to grow.

To learn how we can help you please contact or visit

Marketing Service Provider: Strategic X

What’s a Salesman to do?

Can you think of a more uncertain, unpredictable time than right now? Customers don’t have time to meet with you. They are content with finding information and learning from colleagues, community forums, directories, distributor websites, organic searches; whatever they want- they can find on the internet. And for the past month, (hopefully not much longer), you have been physically prevented from visiting customers face-to-face.

Maybe this is the time to make sure that the one other sales asset; the one fulfillment center you have control over; is communicating and presenting the information you want customers to know today and converting those inquiries into leads for your salesman.

  • Website information?
  • Website update?
  • Website overhaul?
  • Website functionality?
  • Website traffic?
  • Website inquiries?

If you are like the majority of companies out there, chances are you could benefit by paying some attention to one, or more, or all of the above questions. Strategic X Marketing is here to help you address any upgrade phase of your website.–

For a free consultation and discovery session contact:

Jennifer Hernandez
phone (561) 859-7522


Free Services Available in Response to COVID-19

We are built for the industry, by the industry. Now is the time to give back to the industry.

As manufacturers look for ways to deliver essential sales and marketing content to reps working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, RepFiles is responding by offering select services for free until the end of the year to NEMRA manufacturer members.

As manufacturers look for ways to deliver essential sales and marketing content to reps working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, RepFiles is responding by offering select services for free until the end of the year to NEMRA manufacturer members.

Since 2012, RepFiles has partnered with NEMRA to provide a content delivery tool that empowers sales teams to be efficient, prepared and mobile. Today, reps continue to need easy access to up-to-date collateral during virtual meetings. The RepFiles NEMRA app consolidates manufacturers’ sales and marketing content inside a single location so that reps can quickly find the information they need.

For new RepFiles customers, free services include:

  •   Files delivered through the RepFiles NEMRA app through a single, secure plugin (up to 500 MB of content maximum)
  •  Assistance with uploading content
  •  Custom push notifications announcing content updates
  •  Technical support

For existing customers, we are removing the cap on the number of plugins they can generate for no additional cost to their annual subscription.

There is also no cost for sales reps to access their manufacturers’ content inside the RepFiles NEMRA app. Users can download content for offline use, view files, play videos, send files as email attachments, receive notifications from manufacturers regarding updates and more. Any content changes made by manufacturers are reflected on their reps’ devices after a simple sync.

Reps can follow these steps to get started today >>>

For more information, contact:
Jessica DeLuca
phone (216) 245-8257

Industry Forecast: DISC Corp

Forecasting the Electrical Industry

Truly a black swan event of epic proportion is upon the entire world. The need for
mandated social distancing measures has halted a large portion of the global economy. This is
compounded by a contraction in oil prices deepened by a lack of demand. Massive layoffs and
sharp contractions in financial markets are undermining personal wealth. Unprecedented drops
in demand for goods and services may instigate the largest drop in domestic GDP ever. These
events carry longer-lasting implications for recovery. That said, the electrical community is
deemed, as it should be, an essential business. We have weathered downturns before and will
again. The chart below shows the downturn and recovery cycles of 2002 and 2009 as well as the
current DISC forecast for this 2020 cycle. The bars represent dollars of sales and the line is year
over year (YoY) percentage of increase/decrease.

DISC Corp Baseline Forecasts for Electrical Distribution as of April 10, 2020 –

Read more…

Subscribe to the DISC Monthly Flash Report to get market and industry relevant performance data now!

A one year subscription is normally $895, but for NEMRA members only $795 for 12 months of market data. Please contact Christian Sokoll to subscribe.

For more information, contact:

Christian Sokoll
phone (346) 339-7528

Financial Service Provider:  T.I.P.S 4 Reps

Succession Planning

Succession Plan and R.I.S.K.

Your Succession plan is only as good as your key people behind you, and therefore there is an inherent R.I.S.K. in not retaining your key people. Our benefit partner T.I.P.S. 4 Reps sees that this issue can be resolved by:

  • Retaining your key people
  • Providing an incentive for them to stay with the agency and help them grow
  • And by providing a path for them to be the Successors of Key People

R.I.S.K. Management is a process whereby you design and develop a program that can do just that, so that when you do exit or phase out of the agency the key people are already there to transition the agency to them. Here is a brief summary of the steps involved in the R.I.S.K. Management Process

1. Identify and Categorize Key People

a. Key People who help the agency grow but will never be an heir apparent
b. Key people who can be groomed to be an heir apparent
c. Key person who already is identified as Successor/heir apparent

2. Interview the Key people to assess their interest and capabilities

3. Review Compensation Package

4. Design a Retention and Incentive Package that is specific to each category

– Typically, this is an additional incentive award plan
– Based upon incentives they earn additional bonuses that but the company defers for them
– The money accrues to their benefit but it has a vesting schedule on it

*If they leave they leave the unvested portion behind
–  The money can be used after 100% vesting toward personal plans of the key person or to be used   for a down payment for the stock

5. Funding Options
– Review how to fund
*  Investments
*  Life Insurance

6. Codify with Agreement
* Have an agreement that outlines the parameters of the plan for both owner and key person to sign
* This provides a tangible benefit

Please feel free to reach out to NEMRA for any other information on R.I.S.K. Management or contact T.I.P.S. 4 Reps directly at:

For more information, contact:

John Vrablic
(440) 258-5135

Schoenberg Finkel Newman & Rosenberg (SFNR)

Legal Service Provider

Clean Sweep for Independent Rep in Commission Action Offers Valuable Lessons to Industry
by Gerald M. Newman and Adam J. Glazer

Schoenberg Finkel Newman & Rosenberg, LLC Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: A rep agreement plainly provides for a fixed commission rate. After the rep secures orders, the principal claims the parties orally agreed the rep would accept a lower commission rate on those orders. The rep disputes making any such agreement, but the commissions get paid at the lower rate. Wow, that’s a lot of hands. What’s a rep to do? Reject the lower rate, get terminated and wind up with nothing? Recognize that something is better than nothing, and meekly go along? Storm the office of the VP of Sales and overturn over his desk, while he’s seated behind it?


Technology Service Provider: Trade Tech Solutions (TTS)

The TTS Solution

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy while remaining in the game during this unprecedented time. Even with the working restrictions due to the COVID-19 virus, the TTS Platform keeps you remotely connected to your team and customers, from the road or your home office. It provides fast, secure access right at your fingertips from your computer or mobile device to all the platforms you need, to continue to operate your business and generate sales.


The Quotation Module

Designed with the Sales Rep in mind, the TTS Quotation Module enables you to manage all manufacturer quotations in one place. Enter just one quote and it is stored in the TTS database and accessible from every module. You can do everything from sending professional quotations to customers to pulling a plethora of reports by customer, vendor, branch/district or win/loss customer list, just to name a few.

New Features

We have improved the Check Inventory function in the Total Order Entry Module, saving you a ton of steps to see the data you want.

You can now search by Product or Description, and type in a full or partial word to get the specific results you are looking for.
There is also a comprehensive filter function allowing you to narrow down the data you want to see.

Access the Check Inventory function from the Quick Launch menu.

Did You Know? 

Are you struggling to manage hundreds of manufacturers’ price files? We have the solution for you.

Don’t forget to select “Additional Reports” from the left menu to access all the latest reports that have been asked for and designed by you, our customer.

Please contact us for a demo.

For more information:
Email Us |
Call Us | 914-524-8660

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