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NEMRA has teamed up with The Kellogg Sales Institute to offer elite, executive education courses year-round, with each course being a stand-alone offering. This curriculum structure allows our members to easily continue their education in bite-sized pieces. Helmed by Craig Wortmann, lifelong seller and Clinical Professor at the Kellogg School of Management, these courses are all guaranteed to heighten your sales mastery and will help you achieve your professional goals.

With Kellogg Executive Education, you can expect to flex your resilience muscles and do a deep-dive on how to make your sales process increasingly deliberate and effective with sharpened skills and discipline.

All Kellogg Executive Education courses are individually CEU accredited for CPMR’s and CSP’s. You can also obtain the Kellogg Certificate of Completion, by completing and passing each of the various offerings.

Curriculum Stage

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2021 Conference Workshop



Mastering Sales

Online Courses



Masterclasses (Live Webinars)

8 total (2 per session)


2022 Conference Workshop






Looking for the old NEMRA-Kellogg Sales Program? Here’s why we’ve revamped it!

NEMRA and The Kellogg Sales Institute have been on a mission together, for almost a decade, to provide quality education and professional development opportunities to our members – at an affordable price too.

Previous (original) program – The entire class used to run over 4 days, with limited content and seat availability, at a cost of $3,900.00 (USD), plus travel, and carried NO CEU credits.

Today’s Revamped program – Offers 50% more content, limited travel costs and wider availability (most of it is online – except the conference workshop course at NEMRA22), and all course offerings are completely CEU accredited. Offers multiple stand-alone courses to select from, and the cost to take all courses throughout the year is only $3,370.00 (USD).

Current Courses Open for Registration

To learn more about the different programs offered in the Kellogg Executive Education, please view the Comprehensive Program Overview (PDF) here, or check out the below information. To register, please find the links below within each program stage.


Want to take your skills to the next level? Truly elevate your sales mastery by taking these (4) custom 2-hour live virtual classes:

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The Power of Story – Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Stories are woven throughout our conversations and our relationships. The stories we tell help people understand who we are and what our firm is about and they are one of the most powerful communications tools we have. But how often do we think consciously about our stories? Do we collect stories as we collect other forms of information? Do we work to improve them?  

    1. Why do stories “work?”
    2. What kinds of stories should you be telling?
    3. How do you capture, distill and tell the right stories at the right time for the right reasons

Selling in a Virtual Reality – Tuesday, August 24, 2021

No matter what the future looks like, selling over technology is not going away, and that’s a good thing!

Selling virtually presents opportunities for us as sellers to show up and stand out in a different way…in a way that is meaningful and memorable.  What are the skills and disciplines we need to engage with customers in this new environment, and how do we make it both meaningful and memorable?  How do we prepare for these interactions?  How do we choose which medium to use?  What should we keep in mind as we engage and deliver?  And how do we follow up in a bespoke way that surprises and delights our clients? 

Resilience & Grit – Tuesday, October 12, 2021

We often say “sales is a contact sport” but if you are dedicated to making progress in your customers’ lives, then you cannot be deterred by difficult conversations or failed deals – the best sellers in the world learn from each and every “no” and get back to selling with a renewed commitment to do better the next time. In this session we talk about the impact of Mindset and how you can build an incredibly resilient foundation of positivity, curiosity, and scrappiness as you engage in your selling motions. Additionally, we will talk through the steps of building a resilient mindset and embedding the growth mindset value throughout your sales force.

Proactive Pursuit – Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Vanishingly few sales professionals enjoy prospecting and lead generation. Yet this early step of the sales process is critical to success. In this session we will break down the “how” this is done well.

  • You’ve done the hard work of targeting. Now, how do you find the leads?
  • Where should you engage your first leads…your immediate warm network or the cold blue ocean?
  • What kinds of feedback on product/market fit do you derive from your lead generation efforts?
  • How do you structure your week to ensure that you are filling the top of the funnel?
  • Stop making excuses and pick up the phone

Kellogg School of Management Zoom Platform

Registration Fee :

$1000 for entire series or $300 per class

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Join Craig Wortmann for his online version of Mastering Sales: A Toolkit for Success. This course is ranked as the highest rated class by online education provider, Emeritus, and is designed to equip you with a robust Toolkit. Through each module, you’ll acquire the tools and techniques needed to improve your own sales skills and learn best practices for recruiting, training, building, and managing high-performing sales teams.

  • (6) modules of asynchronous learning and assignments, including orientation week
    • (6) modules of asynchronous learning and assignments, including orientation week
      1. Orientation/Module 0 is February 17 & lasts for two weeks
      2. Module 1 is March 3
      3. Module 2 is March 17
      4. Module 3 is March 31
      5. Module 4 is April 14
      6. Module 5 is April 28
    •  (2) live webinars with Craig Wortmann in support of course learning objectives
  • Invitation to private NEMRA-Kellogg LinkedIn Group
    • (9) videos & interaction with Craig via private NEMRA-Kellogg LinkedIn Group
    • Content directly from Craig to you! Here Craig will share exclusive videos, latest book recommendations and additional resources.
    • The LinkedIn Group will be exclusive to NEMRA members who opt-in to the Kellogg-NEMRA program.


  • Kellogg School of Management Zoom Platform
  • LinkedIn

Fee:  $1,600.00 (USD)

Limit of 75 seats available. This is the Prerequisite for the Masterclasses Bonus Material. Fee is non-refundable.


Bringing our sales curriculum to a close, Craig will speak at the NEMRA conference 2022 in Dallas about what it takes to deliver a stand-out presentation that leaves your audience inspired and ready to act. Whether you are delivering to your board or new clients, what steps can you take to ensure that you show up, stand out, and break through in both your delivery and your message? In Presenting with Panache you will learn what it takes to make your next presentation polished, memorable and primed for audience “buy in.”


NEMRA22 Annual Conference – Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX February 2 – 5

Registration Fee:

Register for NEMRA22 Workshop Session – $500.00 (USD)

Fees will be reflected in your total conference registration fee

Registration Opening Soon!