Manufacturer's Best Practices (MBP) Workshop

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Many manufacturers struggle to engage with their independent sales reps. From not meeting sales expectations to shifting priorities to reporting, it’s not uncommon for sales leaders to become frustrated with the independent sales rep model. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

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2021 CPMR 101

First-time CPMR registrants

Orientation Sunday evening (6pm)

2021 CPMR 201

Completed 101 successfully

Strategy 201 Evening Session

2021 CPMR 301

Completed 101 & 201 successfully

Case Study work ahead of CPMR

CPMR 401 (Alumni)

2021 401 Postponed to 2022

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MBP Public Tuition: $1,495

Association Member Tuition: $1,295

Tuition covers workshop materials, classroom instruction, continental breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks both days.