iris offers a complete solution for the independent representative to manage and control his agency. Using the tools and information iris provides, you will become a more productive firm.

Choose from one of its three versions: Warehousing, Non-Warehousing or Sales Analysis Manager (SAM).

All threeiris versions are compatible with one another so iris will change as your agency changes without ever losing your valuable information.

  • Customer’s buyer automatically receives shipping and tracking details along with links to carriers with every order.
  • iris WEB functionality keeps you and your outside sales force informed with up to the minute information.
  • Simple order entry functionality allows you to track sales and commissions without tedious order processing.
  • iris’ integration with EDI helps your agency standout as a leader and improves your profitability.
  • iris pioneered sales and commissions imports and remains the leader with dozens of manufacturers pre mapped and an AD HOC map built in.
  • iris is a complete software solution with nothing more to buy.
  • The iris support team offers conversion assistance to those converting from competitive systems at no extra charge.
  • As an iris user you become a partner and architect for future growth.

How do I get started?

Phone: (914) 524-8660


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