Sales and Commission Reporting

Sales and Commission Reporting

A subscription service that takes over the responsibility and burden of loading monthly sales data into your back office system, converting the myriad of spreadsheets you are currently wrestling with into valuable concise information. On average, manually loading sales data takes 3 hours per line per month.  This monthly service removes that burden.

Service subscribers have the added benefit of professional assistance in building, generating and disseminating the reports you and your sales force find most beneficial.

How does Sales and Commission Reporting work?
►The client notifies us that a file is available for processing.
►We connect to the clients computer, convert, and do any necessary data clean up.
►We perform an initial import and provide the client with a summary report for approval.
►The client approves or rejects the data load and notify us.
►Once approved we permanently post the data to the database, notify the client and assist  with the creation of reports if necessary.

What types of data can be loaded?
Excel, Lotus, Comma Delimited, PDF (Some, Adobe Portable Format), Text & RFT

Each file will be certified by us that it:
►Contains the necessary core data such as Customer Numbers & Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Amount, Commission Amount and Ship date.
►If the file is in PDF format, it can be converted to machine readable layout by us.

We will work with you and your manufacturers to get your data in a format that can be managed.  There are currently over 150 manufacturers who supply data to their agents in a format acceptable to DMS.

How will Sales and Commission Reporting benefit my agency?
By outsourcing your sales and commission data loading you are freeing up valuable internal resources. On average manually loading sales data takes 3 hours per line per month.  DMS removes that burden.

With our extensive data management experience and best practices we can spot opportunities for efficiencies early and make recommendations. Your data will be available to you quickly and with our assistance in a format you and your staff will find most beneficial.

Is my sales data secure and confidential?
All activities are performed by NEMRA IT staff who are bound by a non disclosure agreement. User IDs for system access are specifically assigned by the clients and can be tracked on the network. At no time will we access your data without your knowledge.

What does the service cost?
There is no up front cost to utilize this service. Fees for this service will be on a per company line/ per month basis. The fee is $35/per line per month.

Must I own IRIS or one of its components to subscribe?
NEMRA IT Services will provide a special edition of its sales analysis manager for subscribers who are not currently IRIS users. For a one time set up fee of $90 and a minimum subscription of 5 lines per month. NEMRA IT Services will keep the version current and any necessary training and support, helping you get the most out of the extensive reporting features that are available. This special edition will have all the reporting capabilities of the IRIS Sales Analysis Manager.

How do I get started?

Phone: (914) 524-8660

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