PowerPact Partnership Tool Suite

Power Index

In preparation for individual meetings at NEMRA19, the Power Index will provide Reps and Manufacturers with valuable insight. The Power Index will assist by:

►Giving you a better understanding of each other’s needs.

►Facilitating conversation about your working relationship.

►Continuing a strategic discussion about how to achieve greater alignment.

►Identifying specific opportunities for improvement.

►Focusing on common goals for customer engagement and growth.​​​

Download for Representatives      Download for Manufacturers  

Perfect Power Meeting Checklist

As you prepare for your meetings at NEMRA19, please consider using the Perfect Power Meeting Checklist to help you organize a high–impact meeting.  Developed for Reps, this checklist will help you cover all bases by walking you through the three main components of the meeting:

                        ► PREPARATION    

                        ► EXECUTION         

                        ► FOLLOW UP        

Download the Perfect Power Meeting Checklist


Rep Capabilities Presentation Template

NEMRA has developed this PowerPoint  template for use by Rep members as either a presentation or leave-behind
marketing piece” for use in your Business Review meetings.  This template was designed to guide you through the process of creating your own presentation with NEMRA19 brand consistency.  All slide content contains placeholder text and should be used as a guide to populate content specific to your Rep Agency.  Slide titles can be edited as well.  You can insert slides as needed to create your Presentation, and the correct branding and formatting will be maintained for you.

Download the Rep Capabilities Presentation Template


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