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LIG Solutions

LIG Solutions is part of the Lighthouse Insurance Group, LLC. Founded in 2009 with the mission to provide a true solution for Individuals/Families, Small Groups, and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) programs to navigate today’s complex health insurance market. LIG acts as your “Trusted Partner” to help find the health insurance coverage that best serves your individual needs and is the most cost-effective coverage available with their exclusive programs.

Lighthouse Insurance Group, LLC is licensed in all 50 states and works with all available health insurance providers in both the Private & Public Exchange (ACA) Marketplace with major medical, short term policies, vision, dental, critical care, disability, and supplemental coverage to name a few of the programs we offer and can be tailored to fit the individual member’s needs.

LIG Solutions will ensure that you gain access to:

  • Competitive plans & pricing with multiple options/providers tailored to your individual need(s).
  • Turn-key solutions including management of the entire process including the HRA implementation/management.
  • Professional insurance advisors, who work for you, not the insurance carrier. We’re not tied to a specific insurance carrier or product.
  • One point of contact for all of your insurance needs and a streamlined enrollment process backed by a professionally trained customer advocate team – think concierge service.

Professional insurance advisors, who work for you!


Helpful Resources

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For members who want to learn more about NEMRA’s Group Health Coverage (Member-only Benefit Program), click the link below to watch a saved webinar.

Latest News from LIG Solutions


1) SPECIAL ENROLLMENT PERIOD – starting February 15th and ending August 15th. Allows for anyone “impacted” by COVID to enroll in any ACA compatible plan now (not having to wait until Open Enrollment in the fall).

2) HRA – Health Reimbursements Arrangements which is a way for employers to cost-effectively offer coverage to their employees.

3) Changes in subsidies for ACA plans.

4) Association Health Plan Status

If you have questions about the NEMRA Association Health Program powered by LIG, you will find the answers to these questions and more by visiting the LIG SOLUTIONS NEMRA MEMBER PORTAL