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Sales Concepts, Inc. offers NEMRA members a series of interactive online workshops. These workshops cover the entire sales process from finding and contacting leads to closing business and following up afterward. Far from standard webinars, these interactive online workshops are just that, interactive. Engagement is key throughout the sessions. During these workshops you will be encouraged to enter the discussion, ask questions and engage with Sales Concepts instructors live as if you were sitting in a classroom. Get your questions answered and your needs addressed. These online sessions include homework assignments to ensure execution of the strategies and concepts.

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Don Sharp (dsharp@salesconcepts.com)

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Workshops Offered - The Sales Process Series

Overcoming ObjectionsWednesday, February 17, 11 AM ET
Selling BenefitsWednesday, February 24, 11 AM ET
ClosingWednesday, March 3, 11 AM ET
Contact, Connect, and Communicate with CustomersWednesday, March 10, 11 AM ET
Proactive ProspectingWednesday, March 17, 11 AM ET
Establishing ValueWednesday, March 24, 11 AM ET
Buying InfluencesWednesday, March 31, 11 AM ET
Asking Questions and QualifyingWednesday, April 7, 11 AM ET
ListeningWednesday, April 14, 11 AM ET

Workshop Descriptions

Overcoming Objections

To deal with objections effectively, we must understand where they come from and what causes them. Then we must understand how we react to them. In addition to the five basic types of objections, participants discuss the most difficult objections they encounter in everyday situations. We share a seven-step process for dealing with objections. We explore and discuss ideas to help participants respond when dealing with objections.

Selling Benefits

Salespeople typically sell what something is, customers typically buy what something does. This creates an inherent disconnect between salespeople and customers. Salespeople typically know and talk about, the features and advantages of their products and services. We stress the importance of discovering what these do for the customer. What is the benefit to the customer? This workshop is structured to demonstrate that customers are interested in the benefits applicable to them. Customers buy benefits. Understanding the benefit for each is imperative. The importance of asking questions to discover the benefit is stressed.


The close is a logical conclusion to an orderly sales process. We discuss the six critical elements of closing and how they impact your ability to win business. Closing can be difficult for salespeople when they have not earned the right to close. Ways for closing the Economic Buyer (the final decision maker) are reviewed and discussed. Natural closing at the end of the sales process requires proper positioning at the beginning of the process. We emphasize how closing should be a natural part of the sales process and not an awkward question or gimmick.

Contact, Connect, and Communicate with Customers

Customers and prospects have different expectations from salespeople. If treated the same, the salesperson is missing opportunities to move the process forward. This easy to use method teaches time-proven skills for recognizing these expectations and building positive relationships. Attendees learn a better understanding of themselves and other people, how to work with people in varying situations, and how relationships affect the perception of value.

Proactive Prospecting

We all know prospecting is important when it comes to generating new business and keeping our sales funnels full, but few of us do it. In this session, we evaluate what consistent, proactive prospecting is. Why it’s important, and how to overcome what keeps us from doing it. We introduce an eight-step process for proactive prospecting.

Establishing Value

Customers value different aspects of companies, products, and services. No single item universally establishes value in the minds of customers and prospects. In this session, we look at the four types of value and how they affect customers’ perceptions. We assess sources of value and build questions to determine what customers value and how to quantify it. Salespeople can use this information to maintain margins and differentiate themselves in the minds of their prospects and customers.

Buying Influences

What do you say when you reach these people? How do you gain commitments from these people? We emphasize the importance of penetrating an account at all levels by dividing an account into four buying influences: Economic Buyer, User or Worker, Technical Buyer, and Coach. We explore and discuss ways to address both the real and perceived risks of each influence.

Asking Questions and Qualifying

Nothing impacts the discovery of new opportunities more than the ability and skill to ask thoughtful, relevant, and insightful questions. In this workshop, we share a four-step process for asking impactful questions. We emphasize the importance of asking questions from the initial contact to the close. We review the barriers that keep us from asking questions with options to overcome them. We stress salespeople need to stop telling, stop assuming, and start asking questions.


Assuming one can listen because they can hear is like assuming one can read because they can see. How does it make you feel when someone listens to you, really listens to you? Do you provide that kind of feeling for your prospects and customers, or anyone in your life for that matter? Actively listening to them shows how important they are to you. Listening creates trust and loyalty. Listening is a skill that can only improve with practice. In this workshop we evaluate what keeps us from listening at our peak efficiency and explore methods to become better listeners. Now the next time you will know when a customer looks back at you and says, “Now where were we?”

NEMRA Member-Benefit Discount

Sales Concepts has extended a NEMRA/CEMRA member benefit only rate of $125 (USD) per workshop. This is an 11% discount of the regular $139 price. Or, register for all eight workshops and pay only $120 (USD) per workshop.

Although the workshops stand alone, they work well as a series to cover the entire sales process from the first contact to the close. We encourage you to enroll for them all and take them as a series for the best results.


To register for workshops and claim your NEMRA discount price, please contact Andrew Sharp (asharp@salesconcepts.com) or Don Sharp (dsharp@salesconcepts.com). You can also call (800) 229-2328 x 226 to reach the Sales Concepts team. They will be able to assist you with registration and invoicing, for any and all workshops you wish to sign up for.