Verticals Served

NEMRA sales representative firms and the electrical manufacturers they represent serve a diverse customer base in the construction, industrial, and commercial markets.  They work closely with the electrical wholesaler to channel their products and services to the installers and end customers.

NEMRA members specialize in serving all facets of both the non-residential and residential construction markets. The primary customer they serve is the electrical contractor. NEMRA members also spend time working to gain specifications and project approvals for their products at consulting engineering firms and others firms where a product must be formally approved for use.

NEMRA members serve the large industrial market by calling on manufacturing facilities and the machine equipment manufacturers who serve this segment. Whether the need is for “Maintenance and Repair products (MRO) or working with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), NEMRA firms are skilled at serving the manufacturing facilities, system integrators, panel builders, and machine manufacturers who are part of this large market sector.

NEMRA members also serve a large market segment dedicated to property and facility management. Property managers and customers responsible for the efficient running of a commercial structure are the primary contacts. This market includes education, retail, government, healthcare and office structures.

Vertical Markets Served by NEMRA Members
With many years of experience in their local markets, NEMRA members have become specialists in serving a wide variety of vertical customer segments.

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