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The NEMRA Annual Conference is the premier electrical industry event for dues paying members. The conference continues to be the largest gathering of top-level executives from independent sales representatives and electrical manufacturer NEMRA members. The event provides a collaborative and energized environment, offering everyone the opportunity to learn, connect and grow.  Executives, independent business owners and manufacturers, conduct strategic planning and business reviews with their partners, attend industry-relevant networking and/or educational sessions. The conference also provides representatives and manufacturers the opportunity to meet with select service providers offering new tools and services that bring value and strength to their partnerships. 

The Value of NEMRA's Annual Conference

Build Capacity Through Networking. The Conference connects you with and brings together leaders from all different geographical areas to build partnerships and to collaborate with other experts in the association.  Regardless of if you are the CEO of a multinational company or a first-time attendee, you may meet someone at a meal, in the exhibit hall or wherever and within a few minutes, you can make a connection and develop valuable long-time helpful career contacts.  Attending the social events of the conference also present excellent opportunities to connect with others in a more relaxed setting.

Expand Your Knowledge. The NEMRA Conference is a great way to not only learn about best practices, but to interact directly with those who are the experts.   Discover new techniques, new types of technology, or strategies help both your organization and your professional development.  Not to be overlooked are the opportunities for professional growth that may be attained by attending development and training sessions.

Plan and Strategize. This is one of the more obvious reasons for attending the NEMRA Annual Conference.  Everyone’s busy, so it can be hard to carve out time to meet with your nationwide partners. The annual conference provides three, dedicated days, at one location, at the same time each year, for conducting and reviewing strategic planning and business reviews.

Re-Energize. The conference may be physically exhausting. But many find that they have more energy to do great things at work when they return.  When you are energized about the great new ideas you have gained from the conference, your organization and the partnership benefits. 

Testimonials by NEMRA Members

Conference ROI explained by our manufacturer members

Are you a non-member looking to participate at the annual conference?

NEMRA’s annual conference offers limited opportunities for Manufacturers and Service Providers to showcase their products and services.

Submit your application for NEMRA24 today.

Note: NEMRA's Annual Conference is for our members to hold meetings and conduct business, it is not a trade show. For manufacturers seeking membership in NEMRA, this is an opportunity to showcase your brand.

Conference Future Dates


Orlando, FL


Orlando World Center Marriott

Sunday, February 2 – Wednesday, February 5, 2025


Orlando, FL


Orlando World Center Marriott

Sunday, February 8 – Wednesday, February 11, 2026


Dallas, TX


Hilton Anatole

Monday, February 1 – Thursday, February 4, 2027


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Invitation to attend is only for dues-paying representatives and manufacturers of NEMRA. Non-member attendance must be pre-approved by NEMRA. Admittance to all events is by badge only and is strictly enforced.

The Annual Conference features educational sessions, Manufacturer Sales Meetings, 1-1 Meetings, Product Showcase & Business Service Expo, General Session with keynote speaker, and opening night cocktail reception for all attendees. Many manufacturers host after-hours social events for their sales representatives.

Modular Suites are fully-furnished, modular privacy rooms, where all one-on-one and private meetings will be hosted during our conferences.

NEMRA24 will feature fully furnished, modular privacy suites, where all one-on-one and private meetings will be hosted! Modular suites will be positioned to ensure minimal distraction and noise. In addition, doors to the halls will remain closed during meeting hours and we will have floor monitors walking the aisles to keep noise levels at a minimum.  To protect your privacy during your one-on-one’s, badges are required to access modular.

Customize your company’s Modular Suite! Modular suites can be customized with your company’s branding, tailored to size, as well as how many adjacent units to accommodate simultaneous meetings. In addition, ala Carte options will be available to arrange such as:

    • Hotel supplied A/V cables and cords
    • TV’s
    • Whiteboard with pens
    • Pre-set breakfast and lunch options

Examples of Branded Modular Suite

Shat-r-shield lighting Exterior

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Suites are available in the following (3) custom sizes:

20×30 Suites*


*NOTE: If you order a 20×30 suite, you can work directly with Freeman and switch out furniture to a smaller table and add a seating area with chairs, a sofa, side table or coffee table.

20×20 Suites 

10×20 Suites

10×10 Suites


Modular suites must be reserved during your registration process!

Manufacturer Sales Meetings (MSMs) are virtual meetings that provide the opportunity for manufacturers to meet with their rep partners on a secure platform. These MSMs allow manufacturers to engage more participants in their meetings, and maximize the productivity and effectiveness for one-on-one meetings at the conference.

Virtual MSMs also create the opportunity for manufacturers to be creative … perhaps live from a training room, or from the plant floor, or have an engineer who designed a product present it or integrate customer feedback or bring in overseas presenters or senior management.

Reasons for holding a Virtual MSM:

For manufacturers on a Calendar year, this meeting provides the reps with the high-level vision, goals, expectations and tools/resources. 

For manufacturers on a Fiscal year, this meeting can and should serve as a mid-year update, review and what is needed and will be provided to close the year successfully.

Regardless of what year you run on, a group briefing ensures alignment and creates visibility across each organization and team members.

Results of holding a Virtual MSM:

Having a clear understanding of the manufacturers goals and expectations, the Reps can build presentations/business plans to speak clearly and directly to what they are doing and what they may need in order to meet/exceed those goals and expectations.

Taking this into account, your Reps will be much more strategically aligned with you throughout the upcoming year, all starting with more productive one on one’s at the Annual Conference.

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