About the Conference

One of NEMRA’s most valuable member benefits is the Annual Conference. Over the years, this meeting has proven to be a most rewarding and productive event for the representative and the manufacturer. The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • Provide educational opportunities for representatives that strengthen their professional, technical, and management skills.
  • Offer manufacturers an annual opportunity to meet collectively with their sales force to communicate their marketing and sales initiatives.
  • Facilitate individual business planning sessions and communication between the representative and his/her manufacturers.
  • Expose the representative to new companies seeking to establish sales representation and to business providers offering new tools and services.
  • Offer formal and informal networking opportunities for the benefit of all attendees.

Who may attend the NEMRA Annual Conference?

Only due paying representatives and manufacturers are invited to attend. Non-member attendance must be pre-approved by NEMRA. Admittance to all events is by badge only and is strictly enforced.

What are the key events during the Conference?

The Annual Conference features educational sessions, Manufacturer Sales Meetings, Business Review Sessions, Product Showcase & Business Service Expo, General Session with keynote speaker, and opening night cocktail reception for all attendees.  Many manufacturers host after hours social events for their sales representatives.

Is the NEMRA Annual Conference a trade show?

No, it is not. We offer a limited number of non–member manufacturers and select business service providers the opportunity to participate with a trade show type booth in our designated Product Showcase and Business Service Expo area. Many manufacturers seeking to build a NEMRA rep network have successfully used the annual conference as an economical way to meet potential representatives.

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