NEMMY Awards

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Building on the Power of the Pact, the NEMMY Awards recognize representative and manufacturing firms that are dedicated to developing more powerful and profitable relationships.

The 6th Annual NEMMY Awards Presentation will take place at the NEMRA24 Annual Conference, during the Opening/Networking Session!

Location: The Theater, Virgin Hotels Las Vegas  
Date: Tuesday, January 30th
Time: 7:00 PM PT

Deadline for submissions: Friday, 12/17/23 (5:00PM ET), Submissions open 07/03/23 (8:00AM ET)

Submissions can be made for 3 award categories: Partnership of the Year, Rep’s Choice Award, Manufacturer’s Choice Award.

NEMMY Awards Available for Nominations

Partnership of the Year Award

This award celebrates the Rep-&-Manufacturer team that exemplifies the spirit of Power Pact. The winning team must demonstrate how they developed a more strategic plan/approach to create a more powerful and profitable partnership.

Rep's Choice Award

Nominated by a rep agency, this award recognizes the manufacturer that uses the Power Pact concepts to continually improve their value proposition to their sales force and customers.

Manufacturer's Choice Award

Nominated by a manufacturer, this award recognizes the rep firm that uses the Power Pact concepts to continually improve their agency and its alignment with manufacturers.

Criteria for Nominations

Partnership of the Year Award

Criteria for Nomination:

Using the following criteria, describe how you have been able to work as partners to reach your common business goals, through any combination of two or more of the following:

  • Jointly developing and monitoring an annual business plan
  • Using sales- enablement / support tools and processes to align your activities—technology, territory visits, customer service, new product launches, training, marketing and promotional tools
  • Making mutually strategic investments (compensation plan, sales specialists, additional product training, etc.)
  • Top leadership involvement and a commitment to a win-win relationship

Note: A Rep and Manufacturer should nominate themselves as a team

Rep's Choice Award

Criteria for Nomination:

Describe how the manufacturer you’re nominating generates superior performance through any combination of three or more of the following:

  • Communicating company strategy and value proposition to their sales network.
  • Providing superior levels of sales-enablement tools and service support
  • Utilizing fair and equitable compensation models to drive sales growth
  • Demonstrating understanding and respect of rep value by CEO/top leadership
  • Investing in new products, support tools, technology, and process improvement

Note: A Rep should nominate a Manufacturer

Manufacturer's Choice Award

Criteria for Nomination:

Describe how the rep firm you’re nominating generates superior performance through any combination of three or more of the following:

  • Effectively implementing an annual business plan
  • Building brand preference and demand through effective selling at both the distributor and end user customers
  • Providing superior customer responsiveness through highly trained and organized inside sales and customer service teams
  • Deploying marketing resources to help build brand and end user demand
  • Investing in sales training and professional development of its team
  • Communicating effectively with all people/functions within your company

Note: A Manufacturer should nominate a Rep

Past NEMMY Award Winners

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2022-23 Winners

2021-22 Winners

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Winners Notes: Through leading sales and sales related initiatives on TEAMS calls, Bill Waltz and the Atkore leadership team demonstrated their understanding, support and advocacy of their sales representatives. 

In addition to driving product innovation, taking the commodity out of commodities, and providing supporting marketing and sales tools, Atkore implemented a bonus program which resulted in a significant boost to the bottom line for their reps.

Winners Notes: In recognizing John Moore & Associates, Manufacturers touched on many of the elements highlighted in the Rep of the future studies. Having a clear corporate strategic plan and always looking for innovative ways to promote their manufacturer’s… top that list.

JMA consistently collaborates on strategic business development plans, regularly discusses growth initiatives and new opportunities in their markets and is thoroughly engaged at the contractor, engineer, and end user levels, ensuring manufacturers that JMA is driving demand and brand preference for their brands.

Winners Notes:

For over 30 years Legrand and Lyle Williams Company have been building on a partnership based on the core belief that the Manufacturer/Manufacturer Representative relationship is built on trust, integrity, respect, and the pursuit of excellence.

In 2021 the expansion of the partnership between Legrand and Lyle Williams Company and the joint execution of an aggressive sales plan culminated in unprecedented territory growth and market share gain. 

Both parties noted that this performance would not have been possible without the strong partnership that integrated mutual investments in technology, territory engagement, customer service, marketing, and other support tools with a common pursuit of excellence.

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