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The National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA), is a not-for-profit association comprised of independent sales representatives and manufacturers in the electrical industry. The association’s charter is to develop and strengthen each company’s sales, marketing, and management skills and to promote the benefits of doing business with an independent sales representative. The association also develops and maintains programs and activities designed to help these independent businesses to conduct their business in an ethical, efficient and productive manner. We strive to make our members’ businesses and partnerships stronger and more well-rounded.


The year was 1969, August 11th and 12th. The place: The Sheraton Inn at LaGuardia Airport in New York. Earlier that year, a notice was sent out to several independent electrical representatives across the country expressing an interest in seeing if a NEMRA organization could be formed, and asking if they would attend a meeting for that purpose. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Many were interested, some could come, others had previous commitments – but all could be counted on to support the new organization. These were the people who showed up for this momentous two-day meeting; the people who hammered out a sketchy constitution and by-laws and set the tone of professionalism among manufacturers’ representatives that was to sound throughout the electrical industry from that day forward.

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NEMRA promotes the value, relevancy, and cost effectiveness of the independent NEMRA representative to the electrical industry.

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NEMRA envisions an industry where every manufacturer has access to and employs a high quality, professional independent representative. Reps work in support of manufacturers connecting them to local contractors and distributors. From our library of white papers, webinars, educational and training resources, and live conferences, we want to make the independent representative vision a success and a reality.


"Beyond the Brand" - 2022-23 Membership Brochure

Summarizing the recent improvements and changes NEMRA has made, and provides a much deeper understanding of what NEMRA's purpose and mission is moving forward.

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About NEMRA Annual Conference

The Annual Conference is NEMRA’s largest event, bringing together and engaging 2,000+ attendees over 3 days. It is the largest gathering, in the electrical industry, of top-level executives of electrical manufacturers and independent business owners and provides the perfect setting for:

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