Why Utilize NEMRA Reps?

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What Our Rep Members Do

NEMRA reps spend their day marketing your products to all verticals within the electrical industry, with the purpose of lending their knowledge of product, local markets and experience to the electrical community. Reps are the first point of contact for product, service and technical support. They advocate customer issues with their manufacturers and distributors to ensure that the customer is receiving exactly what they are demanding. They are the experts that the end-users and consultants rely upon as they execute their work. NEMRA reps are the window to the marketplace and the local, trusted resource.  Put simply, our reps are the conduit between the manufacturers and the local market, they understand the needs and pain points due to their long-standing connections and synergistic product offerings.

The 9 Advantages of Utilizing NEMRA Reps

Watch our video about the 9 Advantages of Using NEMRA Representatives below or download our white paper!

Why Membership in NEMRA Manufacturers Group (NMG)?

  • The NEMRA Annual Conference is the largest gathering of representatives and manufacturers in the electrical industry, providing one of the best opportunities to network with leaders, partners and peers.
  • Opportunities to participate in our chair committees, or serve as an officer.
  • Our RepConnect Service brings great manufacturers together with a great sales agency to help create lasting, profitable partnerships.
  • NEMRA is a supporting member of the Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF), which offers our NMG members an exclusive Manufacturers’ Best Practices Workshop (MBP).

  • NEMRA University, a one-stop-shop for NEMRA Members to securely access and share product-specific training courses, access CEU-accredited soft-skill courses, and a custom LMS platform to help you manage and improve your onboarding and internal training! NEMRA Manufacturers can manage and track all their NEMRA Reps training activity in one place!

  • Our NEMRA Scholarship Fund, NEMRA members can be part of and support a mix of programs and resources for the development of the children of our representative members, and their employees, as well as to help attract the next generation to our industry.
  • NEMRA’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) will equip your leaders to be more inclusive, more purposeful, and ultimately more effective in how they lead. The ELP will also serve to strengthen the bonds of this highly mobile talent pool with others in their cohort and within the association and will serve as a retention and engagement tool for your business and our association.

  • Provide relevant and timely insights to our membership.

  • Publish a quarterly E-newsletter NEMRA Member Connection which highlights what’s new with NEMRA, member discounts and updates from our service providers and other industry-relevant resources.

  • Commission exclusive whitepapers, industry research studies and projects, such as the Rep of the Future (ROTF) and Point of Sale (POS) to help representatives and manufacturers understand, improve and enhance their businesses and relationships.

We advocate on our members’ behalf in Washington, D.C. through our partnership, involvement and affiliation with the Main Street Employers Coalition, Small Business Administration (SBA), Small Business Legislation Council (SBLC), and S Coporation Association (S-Corp).

Membership Testimonials