Why Submit a RepConnect?

One of the benefits provided by the National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association to independent electrical representatives and industry manufacturers is that of a “marriage broker” — bringing a good manufacturer together with a good sales agency.

That’s why NEMRA has developed the RepConnect service. We help manufacturing companies reach our members directly, with the type of information about their products that they want the representatives to see. NEMRA Representatives can then contact these factories directly, expressing interest in their products.

Having a manufacturer’s representative salesforce is especially beneficial now, during this COVID-19 crisis, but it also demonstrates the greater value of why having a manufacturer’s representative salesforce is the best and most cost effective solution going forward. With travel restrictions and visit restrictions, now is the BEST time to reach hundreds of regional sales reps directly in their inbox.

Your RepConnect advertisement will be sent via e-mail to our representative members (in the United States and/or Canada) upon receipt of copy approval.

“This just may be the best investment you can make now, and more importantly, for the future of your brand”.

What’s a RepConnect?

This service will provide you with what is essentially an advertisement on our website, as well as an email blast to our Rep membership.

Once you submit, please email me three product images you would like to feature, and any literature and/or video you would like to include in the email promotion to our Rep membership. I will then create a draft RepConnect and email it to you for review and edits.  Once we receive approval and payment from you, we will release your posting to all NEMRA Representatives via email and website.

Every 2 months, we will be in touch with you, checking in on progress and making sure the RepConnect yields the results you expect. The RepConnect will post for 6 months, in total, on our website.

RepConnect Fees

NEMRA Manufacturers Group (NMG): $375
Non-member Manufacturers: $795

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Current RepConnect Postings:

Hayata LTD (9/20) (UPDATED TERRITORIES (12/20)


KW Custom Controls (8/20) (UPDATED INFORMATION 11/20)


American Conduit by Hydro (8/20) (UPDATED TERRITORIES 11/20)

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