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Who We Are

For over 50 years, The National Electrical Manufacturers Representative Association (NEMRA®) has successfully served the needs of the electrical industry through independent sales and marketing professionals who share an unbridled enthusiasm and commitment to the electrical industry and to the rep-manufacturer method of marketing.

NEMRA® is home to hundreds of Rep Agency Members who are independent professional providers of field-level sales and marketing services. They typically handle a portfolio of related but noncompetitive product lines, working under a contractual arrangement within a defined geographic region, and on an exclusive basis within their assigned field of responsibility.

Because of the interdependent relationship between manufacturers and representatives, NEMRA® is also committed to and home to hundreds of Manufacturers who recognize the value of the rep-manufacturer method of going to market and support this decision by being a member of NEMRA. Our Manufacturer Members have found that hiring independent, commission based, NEMRA Reps provide better, faster and more stable and predictable results for their companies in addition to providing outstanding support to their customers.

We get to make reps and manufacturers proud of how they go to market.

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Why Join NEMRA?

Membership in NEMRA® helps your sales professionals and independent electrical representatives become more efficient, more effective, more innovative, and more profitable.

Learn more through our 5 pillars: Networking, Education, Membership, Research and Advocacy.

  • The NEMRA Annual Conference provides excellent opportunities for business development and networking with industry influencers, collaborators, and colleagues.
  • NEMRA provides NMG members with opportunities to join a council or committee.
  • NEMRA’s RepConnect Service connects NEMRA representatives to manufacturers in a professional and ethical manner.
  • NEMRA University offers a comprehensive solution for representatives to access manufacturer product-specific training courses, soft-skill courses, and create a personalized LMS platform to enhance onboarding and training.
  • Earn CEUs through Professional Development Bootcamps while enhancing sales, relationship, and leadership skills through strategic and tactical training based on a proven system.
  • NEMRA is a founding and supporting member of the Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF), offering representative members exclusive discounts on CPMR and CPSC programs.
  • The NEMRA Scholarship Fund allows members to contribute to the development of representative members’ children and employees, aiding in industry attraction for the next generation.
  • NEMRA publishes a quarterly E-newsletter, highlighting member discounts, industry insights, updates from NEMRA service providers and other industry-relevant resources.
  • NEMRA’s exclusive white papers and industry research studies help representatives and manufacturers understand, improve, and enhance their businesses and partnerships.

We advocate on our members’ behalf in Washington, D.C. through our partnership, involvement, and affiliation with the Small Business Legislation Council (SBLC).

By joining NEMRA, you have a voice To Make it stronger. To Make it better. To Make a difference.

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