NEMRA Educational Foundation

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Supporting the education of NEMRA members and college students.

In today’s fast paced and competitive sales environment, yesterday’s techniques and methods will not always meet the rigorous requirements of our customers. To keep pace and confront this challenge, we need to be better educated, more highly trained, and ready to recruit the next generation of sales leaders. 

The NEMRA Scholarship Fund

That’s why the NEMRA Educational Foundation created the Scholarship Fund. NEMRA Scholarship Fund has now provided over $182,000+ in Scholarships to deserving NEMRA Scholars. This year, NEMRA has added two additional scholarships and will be providing 24 Scholarships, in total, to deserving candidates. 

Ensure the continuous growth of our industry by making a donation to support higher education. NEMRA Scholars are the employees, or children of employees, of our representative and NMG member firms, who demonstrate superior academic performance or are pursuing post-secondary education to continue their development. Preference is given to those majoring or pursuing further education in business administration, sales and marketing, electrical engineering, and other fields related to the electrical industry.

Donate to the NEMRA Scholarship Fund, and support continuing education and resources for NEMRA Members to pursue post-secondary education, and/or collegiate scholarships for their children.


3 Ways to Donate

Donations are tax deductible!

The NEMRA Educational Foundation is a qualified charitable organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the Foundation are fully tax deductible. Tax ID # 13-3523027.

Your generous contribution to the NEMRA Scholarship Fund will help us shape the future of the industry, and truly make a difference. 

Thank you for nearly a decade of support!

Thank you to all who have donated through the years to make this such a successful program for nearly a decade.

See the impact of your support by viewing our infographic!

Choose Your Donation Level

Contributing Donor

An annual contribution of any amount.

One-time Named Scholarship Donor
(in Memory or Honor of)

NEMRA will award a one-time scholarship as a memorial or honorary scholarship based on a minimum contribution of $1,000. 

NOTE: Donation must be received by August 1st to be included as a scholarship for the current year.

Lifetime Named Scholarship Donor

NEMRA will establish a perpetual named scholarship based on a minimum contribution of $20,000.

NOTE: Donation must be received by August 1st to be included as a scholarship for the current year.

Looking to apply for a scholarship?

Learn more about the NEMRA scholarship program and apply today!

A Special Thanks to our Current Donors

Bill Lee (MRL Company)

Brent Finley (Cahaba Sales Group, Inc.)

Cameron Cole (United Electrical Sales)

Carly Taylor (Taylored Sales & Marketing LLC)

Carter Drinkard (EF Lombardi Company)

Cathy Egan (Donald Egan Scholarship) 

Chris Bogie (United Electrical Sales)

Chris Greene (Ungerground Devices)

Corey Collins (Agents West)

Dave Selsky (Lake Michigan Sales)

Dennis Anderson (Perry & Associates)

DJ Kennedy (United Electrical Sales)

Dustin Siciak (One Source Associates)

Edd VanCauteren (Cascade Western Representatives, Inc.)

Garrette Flowers (United Electrical Sales)

Glenn Gorham (United Electrical Sales)

James Yore (Coresential)

Joe Tumlin (Coresential)

Joel Newman (Electra Sales)

John Burnham (United Electrical Sales)

John Milner (United Electrical Sales)

Joseph Gately (A.A. MacPherson)

Keith Scott (Burrus & Matthews)

Kelly Boyd (ElectroRep)

Ken Hooper (Individual)

Kristina Steiger (Schaeffer Marketing Group)

Larry Myers (Myers & Associates)

Larry Rodgers (Synergy Electrical Sales)

Lewis Griffin (Bell & McCoy)

Mary Shaw (ETIM- North America)

Matthew McAuliffe (McAuliffe)

Matthew Scarborough (TradeTech Solutions)

Nancy Young (Donald Egan Scholarship)

Randy Pinkofsky (The Yanow Companies)

Sam Booker (A.L. Pickens Co., Inc.)

Scott Lessing (Ewing-Foley Inc.)

Stacey Solomon (Joseph E. Biben Sales)

Stephen Cone (ABB-T&B)

Tim Klei (Allied Group Sales)

Tim Scheerer (United Electrical Sales) 

Tom Fisher (FISHCO Group)

Tom Holcombe (United Electrical Sales)

Willis Milner (United Electrical Sales)

A Special Thanks to our Previous Donors

Chris Allshouse (McAuliffe Sales)

Curt Anderson (Ewing-Foley)

Larry Benner (Rouzer Sales)

Barb Bodie (McAuliffe Sales)

Kelly Boyd (ElectroRep)

Kyle Brendefur (LESCO)

Robert Cannon (Rex Power Magnetics)

Joshua Cito (Electrical Lines)

Kevin Cody (Cody Associates)

Michael de la Houssaye (ElecTech)

Michael Dorfman (Classic Wire & Cable)

Carter Drinkard (EF Lombardi)

Cathy Egan (Donald Egan Scholarship)

Brian Artel (Synergy Electrical Sales)

Chris Ewald (McAuliffe Sales)

Brent Finley (Cahaba Sales Group)


Garrette Flowers (UES)

Carlos Gasia (Plymouth Rubber)

Glenn Gorham (UES)

Stacy Guthrie (UES)

Jerry Haines (Estate of Jerry Haines)

Katie Hartsfield (UES)

Galen Hollar (Burrus Matthews)

Tom & Kimberly Ike (Lutron)

Randy Janicek (ERI)

Jim Johnson (NEMRA)

Sam Johnson (UES)

DJ Kennedy (UES)

Dave Klarer (Sales Outsource Solutions)

Chris Lee (MRL Company)

Ken Lee (McAuliffe Sales)

Kathryn Leslie (Lutron)

Gary Lessing (Ewing Foley)

Jim McDonough Jr (McDonough & Associates)

John McLoughlin (One Source Associate, Inc.)

Mike Meinscher (TEC Sales)

John Milner (UES)

Willis Milner (UES)

Larry Myers (Myers Electric)

Kurt Nelson

Joel Newman (Electra Sales)

Denis Ricard (Agence Ricard)

Rob Rigsby (Ashby Company)

Larry Rodger (Synergy Electrical)

Tim Scheerer (UES)

Shelly Wells (Nelson & Associates)

Mike Smith (Phoenix Sales & Marketing)

Robert Smith (MagMann LED)

William Solomon (Joseph E. Biben Sales)

Mark Thea (Thea Enterprises)

Kevin Weber (EMI)

Barry Wolff (Yusen Associates)

Nancy Young (Donald Egan Scholarship)

Arlington Industries

Brian Gardner – AA MacPherson

Cathy Egan

Courtney Gardner

Daryl Cook – GT Sales Company

Gabe Schill – Locust Electric Sales

JD DeFazio

John Hoffman – LeGrand

Larry Rodger III – Synergy Electrical Sales

Lawrence C Rodger JR

Lawrence Benner – Rouzer Sales Company

Nancy Young

New England Chapter – Flynn & Reynolds

Phoenix Sales

Pollart Sales

Stacey Solomon – Joseph E. Biben Sales Corporation

Tim Klei – Allied Group Sales

Yanow Companies

Brian Dunbar

Casey Bergquist, INC. 

Cathy Egan

Chris Austin

Christopher Fox

D.A.D. Sales

Dale Hull

Dennis Tulimieri

Desdowd Inc.

Donald J. Hickey & Associates

Donald Yore

E-TEL, Inc.

ElectroRep, Inc.

Gary Lessing


Intralec Electrical Products, LYD

James Yore

Joe Bertsch Electrical Sales

John Scott

Larry Rodger

Lawrence C Rodger Jr.

Lesco Inc.

Martin Electrical Sales Inc.

Michael Smith

Nancy Martin

Nancy Young

One Source Associates

Pfeiffer Sales Company

Robert A. Amey Company