NMG (NEMRA Manufacturers Group) Membership

NEMRA, the National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association, is the voice of the industry and an advocate for your needs. We offer our members powerful resources for educational and professional development, networking, and opportunities for growth. NEMRA is dedicated to working with manufacturers and their representatives to improve the manufacturer-representative sales model and deliver results in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Connected to Help You Grow NEMRA combines the premier sales and marketing agencies in the electrical industry with the top manufacturers — creating some very powerful connections. And these connections often result in a NEMRA member’s greatest benefit — an economic one.

Whether you are a new manufacturer looking to deploy a sales force, or an established firm seeking to transition to an independent rep team, NEMRA offers you easy and economical access to the best in our industry. In addition to the financial incentive, you’ll have direct access to the people, tools, and information you’ll need to be successful in the industry. NEMRA also offers you:

  • Education and Professional Development
  • Industry Networking and Connections
  • Advocacy and Information
  • Technology Solutions

We Cover All the Bases

Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to hire the best-qualified independent representatives in the electrical industry or seeking some information on industry best practices — NEMRA has you covered.  Take a deeper look at everything NEMRA has to offer.

 Qualifications for NMG Membership

A class of member shall consist of those manufacturers in the electrical industry who sell their products, wholly or in part, through independent sales representatives. Such member shall be entitled to and inured of such rights and benefits, duties and obligations of the aforesaid association as shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors, except as enumerated in this section, and provided that such firm or corporation:

  • Has no interest adverse to, or in conflict with, the Association, its general membership or its purpose.
  • Agrees to pay the dues established by the Association for such class of membership.
  • Agrees to support the purpose of the Association and the independent sales representative sales model.
  • Has had at least five NEMRA Representative firms under contract for a minimum of two years.
  • Has at least two current NEMRA Representative members willing to be references for admission into the Association.
  • Has an established North American office and is duly registered as a Corporation, LLC or other form of Corporation for at least two years.
NMG Membership Fees – $2000 per company (annually)

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