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What is a RepConnect?

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One of the benefits provided by the National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association to independent electrical representatives and industry manufacturers is that of a “marriage broker” — bringing a great manufacturer together with a great sales agency.

That’s why NEMRA has developed the RepConnect service. We help you, the manufacturer, reach our members directly with the information about your products that you want NEMRA representatives to see. NEMRA Representatives can then contact you directly, expressing interest in your products.

NEMRA’s RepConnect Service is an advertising of your company, sent via a direct email blast to our Rep membership (United States and Canada) that highlights your brand and products, This advertising is also promoted on our website for 6 months. The RepConnect service is designed to help you fill open territories, open the door to our members and ultimately build a cost-effective sales organization! Here’s an example of a RepConnect posting.

How Can NEMRA's RepConnect Service Benefit Your Brand?

  1. With travel and social restrictions due to COVID-19, the RepConnect Service is the easiest way to get your products in front of Reps while working remotely.
  2. NEMRA Sales Reps are well-established, have business and social roots in their territories, and have worked with and built their customer base for years meticulously.
  3. Fill the territories you have no or minimal sales coverage in.
  4. Experience all of the advantages of using a NEMRA Sales Rep.

This just may be the best investment you can make now, and more importantly, for the future of your brand.

Reach hundreds of NEMRA sales reps
directly in their inbox!

Submit your RepConnect here.

Reach hundreds of NEMRA sales reps directly in their inbox!

RepConnect Fees

NEMRA/NMG Members – $395.00 (USD)

Non-NMG/Non-Member – $795.00 (USD)

Want a complimentary RepConnect? Exhibit at NEMRA's Annual Conference.

Get a complimentary RepConnect when you register as an exhibitor for NEMRA22!

Limited booths available. Registration opens September 13th. Once registered, you will be provided a link to setup and manage your booth.

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