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NEMRA University Electrical Industry Training, the only all-in-one professional development eLearning portal and Learning Management System (LMS) for electrical Reps and Manufacturers. NEMRA University is a single platform where NEMRA Reps and Manufacturers can securely access and share brand-specific and product-specific training courses, with the option to add-on premium/paid content via the NEMRA U+ Plan – over 800+ developmental and soft-skill training. 


  • Once logged in (free plan) you will gain secure access to your Manufacturer’s Product Training Modules  – all in one location
    • Don’t see your manufacturers content? Reach out to them and let them know that any existing content they currently share with BlueVolt can be added into NEMRA U for free
  • Purchase the NEMRA U+ Plan! For only $100/per year-per user, the NEMRA U+ Plan will provide access to our complete library of over 800+ soft-skill and professional development courses designed to help you develop the most productive sales organization

NEMRA (NMG) Manufacturers

  • Upload your training collateral and reach all your NEMRA Reps in one place! Once logged in you will be able to manage or share your existing BlueVolt content within NEMRA U, select which Rep companies will be given access to train with
    • NEMRA University allows you to protect your content and which Reps are able to view it, per your request (contact Andrew Olsen below)
  • Purchase the NEMRA U+ Plan! For only $100/per year-per user, the NEMRA U+ Plan will provide access to our complete library of over 800+ soft-skill and professional development courses designed to help you develop the most productive sales organization

If you have any questions on getting started with NEMRA University, feel free to contact Andrew Olsen, our Partner Success Manager at Bluevolt Andrew.Olsen@Bluevolt.com.

Why NEMRA University?

  1. NEMRA University makes training affordable and attainable for reps and manufacturers
    • Allows all NEMRA Reps and Manufacturers to securely access, share and manage direct brand and product training modules – all in one location 
    • NEMRA University+ Plan has 800+ sales, leadership, management and soft skills courses, as well as manufacturer-specific product training, for only $100.00/user, per year
  2. NEMRA University provides you with a single landing page to access manufacturer courses and industry-relevant training modules 
  3. Upon completion, various courses can also be submitted for CEU accreditation, to maintain CPMR and/or CSPC certifications
  4. New content being added monthly!
    • Manufacturers are adding new courses monthly, and NEMRA is continuing to build-up the soft-skill, developmental course library too
    • Don’t see your manufacturer on NEMRA U? Ask them to start sharing, it’s free for them to share any existing BlueVolt content over to NEMRA U
  5. NEMRA University can be used as a Learning Management System (LMS) by allowing company admins to upload their own internal training videos!
    • Turn NEMRA U into your company’s very own LMS for internal training and on-boarding processes

Course Offerings include:

Additional Features & Benefits of NEMRA University

The administrator for your company in NEMRA University can access multiple sides of the platform that provide additional functionalities which will allow you to better manage and to make use of the content and learning opportunities in NEMRA U. These functionalities are listed below:

  • Access to Detailed Reporting – This reporting covers your entire company, right down to the individual user and course level. This information can be exported and monitored at any time.

  • User Management – This provides you with the ability to enroll your users in a set of courses, send them notifications, and monitor their progress.

  • Training Tracks – This provides you with the ability to set up groupings of courses for specific users. Can help support your onboarding process or teach a current team about specific content relevant to them.

  • Full Course List –  This is always available to you for evaluation and to keep up on the newest and best content in NEMRA U.

  • Admin Training –  Schedule time with the BlueVolt Team, to ensure you are making the best make use of and understand the platform.

How Do I Register?

As a NEMRA member you have two ways of gaining access to NEMRA University:

  1. Have your users individually sign up by clicking the ‘Register and Explore NEMRA U’ button above.
  2. If you would like to buy multiple NEMRA U + Plans, we can bulk upload your users into NEMRA University. Please reach out to Sue Todd (stodd@nemra.org) and provide her with the following information, for each user you’d like to add:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
  3. Once provided, we will be able to add all your users at once and bill you a single invoice. Once completed, we will then send each user their access link to login to NEMRA University. Once logged in, users can start accessing content

If you have forgotten your password please use the ‘forgot password’ feature at the top of this page to reset your password.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Partner Success Manager over at BlueVolt – Andrew Olsen (Andrew.olsen@bluevolt.com) and he will be happy to assist you with getting signed up as well.