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NEMRA University is the only all-in-one eLearning portal and Learning Management System (LMS) for electrical Reps and Manufacturers. It is a single platform where NEMRA Reps and Manufacturers can securely access and share brand-specific and product-specific training courses, with the option to add-on premium/paid content via the NEMRA UPlan – over 800+ developmental, soft-skill, and electrical industry training courses. 


  • Sign-up for free! Once logged in, you will gain secure access to your Manufacturer’s Product Training Modules  – all in one location.
    • Don’t see your manufacturers content? Reach out to them and let them know that sharing content to NEMRA U is free for existing BlueVolt customers. 
  • Purchase the NEMRA U+ Plan! For only $100/user-per year, NEMRA U+ will provide access to:
    • NEMRA U’s complete library of over 800+ soft-skill and professional development courses designed to help you develop the most productive sales organization.
    • LMS capabilities so you can utilize NEMRA U as your company’s very own internal training platform.

NEMRA (NMG) Manufacturers

  • It’s free to share content to NEMRA U for existing BlueVolt customers, but new customers will have associated costs to get started.
    • We’ll help you get started! Our Bluevolt Partner Success Team can assist you with sharing your existing BlueVolt content to NEMRA U, setting up a new BlueVolt account, and/or uploading and applying restrictions to your content.
  • Upload your training collateral, reach, manage and track your NEMRA Reps activity – all in one place! Once you signup, you will be able to manage or share your existing BlueVolt content within NEMRA U.
    • NEMRA U allows you to protect your content and apply restrictions so only certain Rep firms are able to view it, please reach out to our partner success manager to set these restrictions up.
  • Purchase the NEMRA U+ Plan! For only $100/user-per year, NEMRA U+ will provide access to our complete library of over 800+ soft-skill and professional development courses designed to help you develop your talent and improve efficiency in the workplace.

Why NEMRA University?

  1. NEMRA U makes training affordable and attainable for reps and manufacturers
    • Allows all NEMRA Reps and Manufacturers to securely access, share and manage direct brand and product training modules – all in one location
  2. NEMRA U provides you with a single landing page to access manufacturer courses and industry-relevant training modules
  3. New content being added monthly!
    • Manufacturers are adding new courses monthly, and NEMRA is constantly expanding the NEMRA U+ library
  4. Turn NEMRA U into your company’s very own LMS and internal training platform (NEMRA U+ plan required)
    • Create your own company’s section of NEMRA U to be used for your company’s internal training and on-boarding processes.
      • With this feature you will be able to section off and deliver the exact content your team needs to onboard, train and sell more.
      • Get full customization on the look and feel of your company’s section.
    • Create custom courses in NEMRA U by uploading your own content (PPTS, Videos, PDFS, Quizzes, Surveys, Links, and more).
      • You are able to structure this content just for your team in a completely secure platform. No one else but your company’s users will be able to access and engage with the content.
    • Manage, enroll and track your company’s users.
      • Directly engage with your company users by assigning and enrolling them into the training content you want them to use.
      • Create ‘training playlists’ that you can send to all of your learners at once. This keeps your team focused on the most relevant content while still being able to self direct themselves into other content that may be relevant.
  5. Get training reports and metrics of your users’ engagement and activity for both your custom content and the standard content within NEMRA U.
      • Get real time feedback on how learners are performing and engaging with content on the University. These reports can be scheduled and sent to team members periodically, or for your convenience.

Upgrade to the NEMRA U+ Plan!

  1. NEMRA U+ Plan provides access to our full library of over 800+ sales, leadership, management and soft-skills courses at a cost of only $100.00/user, per year.
    • Earn CEUs to maintain CPMR and/or CSPC certifications by completing these premium courses
  2. Turn NEMRA U into your company’s very own LMS and internal training platform (*See above)

NEMRA U+ Content Library:

Additional Features & Benefits of NEMRA University

The administrator for your company in NEMRA University can access multiple sides of the platform that provide additional functionalities which will allow you to better manage and to make use of the content and learning opportunities in NEMRA U. These functionalities are listed below:

  • Access to Detailed Reporting – This reporting covers your entire company, right down to the individual user and course level. This information can be exported and monitored at any time.

  • User Management – This provides you with the ability to enroll your users in a set of courses, send them notifications, and monitor their progress.

  • Training Tracks – This provides you with the ability to set up groupings of courses for specific users. Can help support your onboarding process or teach a current team about specific content relevant to them.

  • Full Course List –  This is always available to you for evaluation and to keep up on the newest and best content in NEMRA U.

  • Admin Training –  Schedule time with the BlueVolt Team, to ensure you are making the best make use of and understand the platform.

How Do I Register?

Follow the instructions below to sign-up and create an account. You will also learn how to register and activate the NEMRA U+ paid subscription plan.


  • To sign-up for a free account, please click here
    • This will provide access to manufacture training only


  • Once you sign up for a free account, login and navigate to the “Course Catalog” section.
  • Click on “NEMRA U+ Plan” Module that appears on the catalog page.

  • Once inside the module, click on “Enroll” to open up a payment screen.
  • Provide your payment method details and click submit.
  • You have now purchased a single NEMRA U+ Plan, and you will now see that this module shows as “Complete” and has a green checkmark.
    • Your subscription is an annual subscription, and will NOT be automatically renewed.
  • NEMRA will be notified to confirm your payment, please allow for 24-72 hours for us to activate the NEMRA U+ plan on your account.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your password please use the ‘forgot password’ feature at the top of this page to reset your password. If you have any questions, or need assistance please feel free to reach out to us at nemra@nemra.org.