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Leverage the power of NEMRA University to develop and onboard your people, continue education and improve business efficiencies!

NEMRA University is a one-stop-shop for NEMRA Members to securely access and share product-specific training courses, access soft-skill training, CEU-accredited courses, and custom content designed to fit your business needs!

Our premium plan (NEMRA U+includes over 800+ CEU-accredited soft-skill courses, curated training playlists designed by NEMRA Reps for  NEMRA Reps, and a custom LMS to help you manage and improve your onboarding and internal training.

Get Hassel-Free Setup & Admin Training

NMG (NEMRA Manufacturer) Members 
You must first register as a Supplier with BlueVolt. There’s a one-time registration fee of $3200 $1200 USD with NEMRA’s discount applied*

Get started for free by signing up for a basic account!

Why NEMRA University?

Affordable & Comprehensive

NEMRA University makes training affordable and attainable for all our members, making this a comprehensive platform for both reps and manufacturers.

  • Provides all NEMRA members (Reps and Manufacturers) with one platform and location to:
    • Securely access, share, manage brand-specific and product-specific training modules.
    • Earn Continuing Education (CE) Credits for professional advancement by completing soft-skill courses.
    • Get a custom Learning Management System (LMS) to improve and manage all your internal training and onboarding needs.
      • Access to onboarding and internal training playlists curated by NEMRA Reps.
  • NMG (NEMRA Manufacturer) Members can register as a BlueVolt Supplier for a discounted fee of only $3200 $1200 USD.
    • If you are already an existing BlueVolt Supplier, then it's FREE to share your content to NEMRA U!
  • Rep Members can signup users for FREE on a basic plan to access your manufacturer training.
    • Upgrade to the NEMRA U+ Premium Plan (only $125/user annually) to get the most out of NEMRA University

Learning Management System (LMS) Built-In

Turn NEMRA U into your company's very own LMS to enhance and manage all of your internal training and onboarding procedures!*

*(NEMRA U+ premium plan required ($125/user annually))

  • Ability to create your own company’s section of NEMRA U to be used for your company’s internal training and on-boarding processes.
  • Access to custom onboarding and training playlists curated by NEMRA Reps for NEMRA Reps!
    • Current playlists include onboarding, inside sales, general admin, outside sales and future leaders training.
  • Create custom courses in NEMRA U by uploading your own content (PPTS, Videos, PDFS, Quizzes, Surveys, Links, and more).
  • Manage, enroll and track your company's users

Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Earn CE Credits to maintain professional designations such as the CPMR and/or CSPC certifications by purchasing and completing our NEMRA U+ premium content library of industry-specific training courses*

*(NEMRA U+ premium plan required ($125/user annually))

  • The Institute for Professional Advancement (IPA) and the Manufacturers' Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF) have partnered with NEMRA to provide CEU Accreditation for our members completing training courses within the NEMRA U+ Premium Library.
  • Now you have more flexibility on when and how you earn the necessary CEUs needed to maintain your professional designations.
  • All NEMRA U+ training courses completed (with a certificate indicating success) may be submitted as supporting documentation for the CEU requirements of CPMR and/or CSP.

Powered by BlueVolt

NEMRA University is powered by BlueVolt, a pioneer in the eLearning industry, who has the largest network of suppliers and manufacturer training content from the electrical industry, and also boasts one of the most expansive libraries of industry-specific, channel-learning content.

  • Provides you with an easy-to-use, comprehensive eLearning & LMS platform, to deliver industry-specific training that's relevant to our industry and your business.
  • BlueVolt’s expansive supplier network and channel-learning content means NEMRA University is continuously growing and adding new industry-relevant courses to our premium NEMRA U+ Library, as well as adding new manufacturers and their training content.
  • Need help getting started? BlueVolt offers: 
    • White-glove service
    • Hassle-free implementation and setup for new suppliers, as well as custom admin training to help all NEMRA members make the best use of NEMRA U! Schedule an appointment with a BlueVolt rep today!

Real-time Feedback & Reporting

Get training reports and metrics of your users' engagement and activity for all standard course content, as well as any custom content you upload within your company's LMS section of NEMRA U

  • Get real time feedback on how learners are performing and engaging with content on the University. These reports can be scheduled and sent to team members periodically, or for your convenience.

Upgrade to the NEMRA U+ Premium Plan!

  1. Unlock access to our premium content library of over 800+ CEU-accredited soft-skill courses

  2. Earn CE Credits to maintain professional designations or certifications

    • Maintain CPMR and/or CSPC designations by enrolling and completing NEMRA U+ soft-skill courses. Simply submit your completion certificates to MRERF-IPA as supporting documentation

  3. Turn NEMRA U into your company's very own Learning Management System for improved onboarding and internal training

    • Create your own company’s section of NEMRA U to be used for your company’s internal training and on-boarding processes.
      • With this feature you will be able to section off and deliver the exact content your team needs to onboard, train and sell more.
      • Get full customization on the look and feel of your company's section.
    • Unlock access to custom training playlists and courses curated by NEMRA Reps, for NEMRA Reps!
      • Current playlists include onboarding, inside sales, general admin, outside sales and future leaders training.
    • Create custom courses in NEMRA U by uploading your own content (PPTS, Videos, PDFS, Quizzes, Surveys, Links, and more).
      • You are able to structure this content just for your team in a completely secure platform. No one else but your company's users will be able to access and engage with the content.
    • Manage, enroll and track your company's users.
      • Directly engage with your company users by assigning and enrolling them into the training content you want them to use.
      • Create 'training playlists' that you can send to all of your learners at once. This keeps your team focused on the most relevant content while still being able to self direct themselves into other content that may be relevant.

Training Playlists Curated by NEMRA Reps:

NEMRA U training playlists curated by NEMRA Reps

NEMRA U+ Premium Content Library:

Follow these steps to purchase a NEMRA U+ Premium Plan:

  • Once you sign up for a free account, login and navigate to the "Course Catalog" section.
  • Click on "NEMRA U+ Plan" Module that appears on the catalog page.

  • Once inside the module, click on "Enroll" to open up a payment screen.
  • Provide your payment method details and click submit.
  • You have now purchased a single NEMRA U+ Plan, and you will now see that this module shows as "Complete" and has a green checkmark.
    • Your subscription is an annual subscription, and will NOT be automatically renewed.
  • NEMRA will be notified to confirm your payment, please allow for 24-72 hours for us to activate the NEMRA U+ plan on your account.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your password please use the 'forgot password' feature at the top of this page to reset your password. If you have any questions, or need assistance please feel free to reach out to us at

Get Started Today!

Select which type of NEMRA Member you are below, and follow the instructions to get signed-up and started on NEMRA U!

NMG Members

Ready to share your training collateral, reach, manage and track your NEMRA Reps activity? You can also purchase the NEMRA U+ premium plan. 

Existing BlueVolt Supplier?

It’s free to share content to NEMRA U for existing BlueVolt suppliers! Get started today with the help of a BlueVolt Rep for hassle-free setup! Visit the Supplier Program portal to get started.

New to Bluevolt?

Get registered as a Supplier with BlueVolt today! There is a one-time registration fee of $3200 $1200 USD.*

Get hassle-free implementation! Schedule a meeting with a BlueVolt representative who will set up your account and upload your product training materials for you. No stress. No contracts. Just great customer service. Visit the Supplier Program portal to get started!

*Registration fee is $1200 USD (with NEMRA’s association discount applied). Regularly $3200 USD.


Ready to get started on NEMRA University? Here’s how:

1. Sign-up for free and start accessing your manufacture training.

    • Don’t see your manufacturers content? Reach out to them and let them know that sharing content to NEMRA U is free if they are existing BlueVolt customers.
    • We recommend upgrading to NEMRA U+ Premium Plan to get the most out of NEMRA University.

2. Purchase the NEMRA U+ Plan! For only $125/user annually, you get the following perks:

    • NEMRA U’s CEU-accredited, premium content library of over 800+ soft-skill and professional advancement courses designed to help you develop the most productive sales organization.
    • LMS capabilities so you can utilize NEMRA U as your company’s very own internal training platform.

NEMRA U+ Premium Content Library:

Schedule an appointment with the BlueVolt Team!

Other Admin Training Available by BlueVolt

The administrator for your company in NEMRA University can access multiple sides of the platform that provide additional functionalities which will allow you to better manage and to make use of the content and learning opportunities in NEMRA U. These functionalities are listed below:

  • Access to Detailed Reporting – This reporting covers your entire company, right down to the individual user and course level. This information can be exported and monitored at any time.

  • User Management – This provides you with the ability to enroll your users in a set of courses, send them notifications, and monitor their progress.

  • Training Tracks – This provides you with the ability to set up groupings of courses for specific users. Can help support your onboarding process or teach a current team about specific content relevant to them.

  • Full Course List –  This is always available to you for evaluation and to keep up on the newest and best content in NEMRA U.