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Start leveraging the power of NEMRA University to onboard and train your employees, empower them to continue their education and improve business efficiencies!

For only $150 annually (per user), you’ll get access to:

  • Product training from the top manufacturers, all in one place.
  • Handpicked training playlists, designed by NEMRA Reps to help you excel, stay current and meet your business training needs.
  • CEU-accredited courses to help you reach your continuing education goals
  • A built-in Learning Management System (LMS) where your company can manage internal onboarding and training processes and track employee progress.
  • Training on your schedule, from anywhere in the world.

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NEMRA Rep Principals

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Start leveraging the power of NEMRA University to onboard and train your employees, easily keep track of their progress, and empower them to continue their education and improve business efficiencies. NEMRA U is designed by and with rep principals in mind!

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NEMRA Rep Employees

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NEMRA University is your one-stop-shop for personal and professional growth. Designed by fellow reps, and supported by NEMRA manufacturers, you’ll be able to access your manufacturers’ training collateral, improve your business skills, and earn continuing education credits (CEUs) all with one platform that’s accessible from anywhere. Now that’s something to tell your whole team about!

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Affordable Solution

NEMRA U makes training affordable and attainable (not to mention hassle-free) for all our members, for a fraction of the price that other LMS platforms typically cost.

Earn Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

Earn CE Credits to maintain professional designations such as the CPMR and/or CSPC certifications by completing our NEMRA U library of training. Save time, earn CEUs whenever and wherever, and excel your career.

Branded Learning Management System (LMS)

NEMRA U is a comprehensive eLearning & LMS platform that allows you to gives your company its very own LMS tool to enhance and manage all of your internal training and onboarding procedures. Fully customizable with your brand.

Real-time staff metrics & reporting

Get training reports and metrics of your users' engagement and activity for all standard course content, as well as any custom content you upload within your company's LMS section of NEMRA U.

Rep-curated training track playlists

NEMRA U features training playlists and a full library of course categories, all curated by NEMRA Reps to ensure relevancy. Current playlists include onboarding, inside sales, general admin, outside sales and future leaders training. Course categories include Leadership, Communication, Sales, In the Workplace, Electrical Industry Education

Powered by BlueVolt

NEMRA U is continuously growing with new manufacturers' training content and soft-skill courses from BlueVolt's award-winning content library and largest network of suppliers from the electrical industry. You'll enjoy hassle-free implementation and 1-on-1 admin training with BlueVolt to setup all these features for your company.

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Admin Training is available whenever you need it.

The administrator for your company in NEMRA University can access multiple sides of the platform that provide additional functionalities. We’ll demonstrate how to access and manage these functionalities listed below:

  • Access to Detailed Reporting – This reporting covers your entire company, right down to the individual user and course level. This information can be exported and monitored at any time.

  • User Management – This provides you with the ability to enroll your users in a set of courses, send them notifications, and monitor their progress.

  • Building a Branded LMS for internal training & onboarding –  Get hassle-free setup to create your company’s very own custom LMS with help from a BlueVolt Rep today.

  • Building Custom Training Tracks – This provides you with the ability to set up groupings of courses for specific users. Enhances and supports your onboarding and internal training processes for specific content relevant to your business.

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Manufacturers are able to share training collateral to NEMRA U, while managing and tracking your NEMRA Reps activity and engagement. You will stand out with your key partners, increase engagement and sales!

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Schedule a free appointment with a BlueVolt representative who will work with you to choose a plan, set up your account and even upload your product training materials for you. No stress. No contracts. Just great customer service.

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NEMRA U+ Premium Content Library: