Submit an Idea

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Assist Your Association. We want your suggestions and ideas!

Let us know if you have a good idea, recommendation or suggestion, and we may just bring it to life. Any ideas/suggestions that NEMRA ends up using will be rewarded. Rewards will include discounts on professional development programs and/or other services of NEMRA.

We encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions on things like:

  • What NEMRA can improve on, create or implement.
  • New member recommendations/referrals
    • Are you a Rep that’d like to see your manufacturers join NEMRA? Sponsor a Manufacturer by submitting your recommendation here!
    • Are you a Manufacturer that utilizes Reps outside of NEMRA? If you feel those Reps encompass the strong standards and quality to be a NEMRA Rep, recommend them here!
  • Recommendations on continuing education, professional development programs that are inclusive of all association members.
  • Recommendations on service providers, service offerings and programs
  • Other helpful suggestions
This is a suggestion box only. NEMRA values all honest feedback, please contact us here if you have any feedback or questions.