Performance Driven Selling 1.0

Get ready to learn over 100 actionable strategies for finding, acquiring, growing and retaining business.

Takeaways From Previous Class

The 5@5 Model is a great tool that I have implemented now to further ensure strategic situational awareness of the marketplace and a great habitual checkpoint for internal accountability.

Madison Foster Norris

Agents West

What I found useful was new way of looking at the "Sales Funnel" and how it coincides with the "Dart Board Theory" in our industry. All of the messages that Dr. Magee highlighted in his presentation were right on cue with what NEMRA stands for and the current way of managing/ growing business.

Leo Degenstein

Highland Electrical Sales Agency, Inc.

How to prioritize and monitor growth and change. How to plan to stay relevant and grow. How to understand your target and how your message might need to change.

Konner Kappelman

G&G Industrial Lighting

Don’t focus on the dot! Think outside it/white space.

Andrew Hendrix


The 5 demand strategies and 911/411/311.

Nick Weiland

Rouzer Sales

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Everything You Need to Know

Bootcamp Overview

Sales Mastery: Performance Driven Selling 1.0 will provide participants the opportunity to tune up their skills to become more competitive in the new market space. This bootcamp will offer focused insights on how to grow your client relationships; helping you identify new selling opportunities.

Bootcamp Benefits

Broaden your perspective, ensuring you don’t miss significant market opportunities.

Gain skills and tools to objectively assess each customer account, fostering better understanding and relationship building.

Bootcamp Instructor

Dr. Jeffrey Magee brings more than 30 years of experience in Executive and Corporate Development to this bootcamp. Throughout the past 10 years, he has successfully navigated the challenges of both start-up and mature-growth market business sectors.

Keynote Speakers

Danna and Christy will cover topics from agility and innovation to critical thinking and relationship building.

Bootcamp Topics

Understand the 8-decision points your buyers will be fixating on in 2024.

Explore where the missed and hidden client development opportunities are for greater 2024 market share growth.

Apply WinBack strategies to address concerns and ensure customers are loyal after situations are corrected.

Bootcamp Details

When: April 15-17, 2024

Where: Resorts World Las Vegas Hotel

Who: All members of NEMRA

What: Includes reception, two keynote speakers, LinkedIn Group and three class sessions

Cost: $1,195 (plus airfare and 2 nights hotel)

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