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NEMRA23 Modular Suites

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Modular Suites will continue at NEMRA23!

NEMRA23 will feature  fully-furnished, modular privacy suites, where all one-on-one and private meetings will be hosted!

With these Modular Suites, NEMRA is ushering in a new, upscaled environment that improves upon the traditional “pipe and drape” meeting space which was undesirable, not private, not comfortable or secure. The modular suites will also be frequently cleaned throughout the day making them a much safer alternative to standard hotel room suites. Modular suites can and will be positioned to ensure minimal distractions/noise

Customize your company’s Modular Suite! Modular suites can be customized with your company’s branding, tailored to size, as well as how many adjacent units to accommodate simultaneous meetings. In addition, ala Carte options will be available to arrange such as:

    • Hotel supplied A/V cables and cords
    • TV’s
    • Whiteboard with pens
    • Pre-set breakfast and lunch options

How will modular suites provide a safer meeting environment? 

  • Consistent and frequent cleaning and sanitizing service of suites throughout the day and overnight
  • Modular suites bring and keep everyone “together”
  • Encourages and enables networking to occur daily and throughout the conference
  • Minimizes the amount of time to get from one meeting to another
  • Maximizes the time spent in the One-on-One meetings
  • Modular suites offer many of the same amenities/services found in a tower suite
  • Privacy/Security
  • Food/Beverage Service
  • Technology to present/stream meeting materials (if required)
  • Modular Suites keep your room “private” and/or eliminates the need to have a separate room

Suites are available in the following (3) custom sizes:

10×30 Suites*

Cost – TBD

*NOTE: If you order a 10×30 suite, you can work directly with Freeman and switch out furniture to a smaller table and add a seating area with chairs, a sofa, side table or coffee table.

10×20 Suites

Cost – TBD

10×10 Suites

Cost – TBD

Modular suites must be reserved during your registration process! 

Reserve your suite once registration opens!

Modular suites can only be reserved during your conference registration. 

Registration opens September 20th @ 12PM ET

Questions or Need Assistance?

Please reach out to Kathy Coppi, Sr. Meeting Planner, NEMRA, for assistance with reserving your modular suite. 

To learn more about NEMRA23, and all conference events, please visit our NEMRA23 page!