SBLC’s 2023 Initiatives

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Small Business Legislative Council (SBLC) Announces Its Top Priorities for 2023


 January 19, 2023

Washington, DC – On January 19, 2023, the Small Business Legislative Council (SBLC), announced the association’s top priorities for 2023.  

The SBLC looks forward to continuing to serve as a critical voice for small and privately owned business in what is expected to be another challenging year on Capitol Hill.  The SBLC will work with the 118th Congress to advocate for the protection and promotion of tax issues that are important to small businesses, privately owned businesses, and their owners, including simplifying and making the 199A deduction permanent and restoring the research and development (R&D) deduction. The SBLC is also committed to advocating to maintain a high estate tax exemption to protect privately owned and small businesses from destructive taxes when they are passed down to future generations.  

Immediate priorities also identified by the organization include continued investment in infrastructure, tackling supply chain issues, addressing the labor shortage and promoting workforce development. 

Opposing intrusive and burdensome legislation and regulations, including data collection requirements for small businesses is also a major objective for the SBLC in 2023.   Compliance and disclosure issues relating to ESG requirements, particularly those that are overly costly and/or burdensome, is also a major priority.  

These priorities were determined by the SBLC’s Board of Directors and membership. The SBLC is a permanent and independent coalition of trade and professional associations that share a common commitment to ensuring the future of small and privately owned businesses.

“During 2022, the SBLC worked hard to successfully defeat and mitigate any substantial tax increases on our members,” said SBLC Chair, Marco Giamberardino, Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, of the National Electrical Contractors Association.  “SBLC is uniquely positioned to work with key members of the 118th Congress to address several major priorities, including ensuring the tax code is crafted to increase jobs, grow wages, strengthen the supply chain, and build financial security for our members.” 

“While many Hill watchers have set their expectations low for what Congress might accomplish this year, that is no cause for complacency or inaction” said SBLC President and General Counsel, Paula Calimafde.  “This year the SBLC will continue its critical role in educating members, agencies and their staff about critical small and privately owned business issues and advocating for bi-partisan solutions to the challenges that face these critical contributors to our economy.” 

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Founded in 1976, the Small Business Legislative Council (SBLC) as an independent, permanent coalition of trade and professional associations who share a common concern for the future of small business. The purpose of SBLC is twofold: to consolidate the strength and maximize the influence of business on legislative and Federal policy issues of importance to the entire small business community; and secondly, to disseminate information on the impact of public policy on small business.

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