This award recognizes the Manufacturer that uses the Power Pact concepts to continually improve their value proposition to their sales force and customers. The Rep Firm is nominating the Manufacturer of choice.

Entry Due: December 15th, 2023 (5:00PM EST)

Contact Name(Required)
Contact Name(Required)
Describe how the rep firm you’re nominating generates superior performance by:
Example 1: Effectively implementing an annual business plan.
Example 2: Building brand preference and demand through effective selling at both the distributor and end user customers.
Example 3: Providing superior customer responsiveness through highly trained and organized inside sales and customer service teams.
Example 4: Deploying marketing resources to help build brand and end user demand.
Example 5: Investing in sales training and professional development of its team.
Example 6: Communicating effectively with all people/functions within your company.
Please provide details and any supporting samples. To attach samples please combine in one document and use the file upload feature below.
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