NEMRA21 Conference Reviews & Feedback

General Event Feedback

We asked our attendees, “Overall, how would you rate this event?”

Average Rating: 4.10
5 - Excellent
4 - Good
3 - Average
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Attendee Reviews & Comments

We asked our attendees, “Tell us what you liked about the event.”

"The fact that everything had to go virtual was certainly a challenge, but the NEMRA Team did an outstanding job. Because it was virtual many of us were able to get so much more out of the conference. As a manufacturer, it gave us the ability to space out the business review meetings (1-on-1) so that we were able to see the content of the other sessions. Normally those are missed due to conflicts. Very rewarding to have been able to participate in them."

Bernadette Smith

Specified Technologies

"Felt like it was run very smoothly / efficiently and under the conditions was a great alternative to being in person."

Jeff Cole

Ashby Company

"Excellent content, presenters and execution to provide value to our industry in the face of real headwinds and challenges posed by COVID-19. By far and away the best Virtual meeting that in which I have participated in the past 11 months—better than NECA, AD, IMARK and NAED. Kudos to you and your staff—and to David Gordon of Channel Marketing Group, as well. Please pass along my congratulations and thanks to your entire team."

Don Ambrose


"Thank you for an amazing NEMRA Meeting and Event.   Arranging many facets of the industry, with key leaders taking stage speaks to both the need and execution by you and your team! Tim Tebow added an extremely positive flare to event, and frankly your moderation with Tim was done very well! From me, and the entire IDEAL Electrical Sales Leadership staff, Thank You for a fantastic 2021 NEMRA Meeting!"

Joe Saganowich

Ideal Industries

"I was impressed with how seamless it all went. It was done very professionally: always started on time, ended on time, and I like having split screens for the speaker's face and any slides they wanted to show."

Chris Austin

Ashby Company

"You and your team were faced with an incredibly difficult situation and handled it masterfully. I honestly had no idea how the week or meetings were going to go. But I have to say the meetings were incredibly efficient and insightful. Yes I hope we are able to be in person in Dallas next year. But I wanted you to know that the 2021 conference was not a bust and congratulate the whole NEMRA team on putting it together"

James Yore


"You and the NEMRA staff worked tirelessly to pull this virtual conference off!  You not only pulled it off you crushed it!  Great job with all your personal speaking parts too, Jim."

Tim Klei

Allied Group Sales

"Congratulations on a very successful conference!  Great leadership on your part, Jim!"

Chuck Oldaker

Service Wire Co.

"The conference promotion and support for the presenters was great. It was simple to add sessions on to my schedule."

Jennifer Hernandez

StrategicX Marketing - a NEMRAService Provider

"Easy to use website."

Bruno Neale

Humelec Associates - CEMRA

"Liked the live sessions with manufacturers and distributors that included Q&A."

Erik Estes

Casey Bergquist Inc.

"Keys to calling on distributors was very helpful and thank you for having this topic."

Torrie Palumbo


"Very informative it was the next best thing to being there live."

Robert Horvath

Ascend Sales

"The market data breakouts were excellent."

Joseph LiPuma

Yusen Associates

"Good effort considering the circumstances."

Brett Cooper


"The flow was really good. Kudos to Jim Johnson and the board."

Joel Van Treese

Electra Products Agency

"Liked the Educational Sessions."

Christian Sokoll

DISC Corp - a NEMRA Service Provider

"Good idea to have major Buying groups and Customers to present."

Brock Klein


"My team was able to get on all the General sessions and hear the message from the manufacturers."

Mike Ficker

Ewing-Foley, Inc.

"Great content."

Gene Martindale

Allied Group Sales

"Went very well missed the face to face but thought it was best this way this year."

Willis Milner


"Jim did a nice job bringing the conference together remotely."

Dennis Brazill

Brazill Brothers

"Low cost, minimal time."

Kelly Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer Sales Co., Inc.

"Great sessions and the technology worked well."

John Hoffman



Josh Schildt

Locust Electric

"Opportunity to meet with more personnel than normal."

Stu Serota


"Thought it was well done. Never be able to replace in person visit but under the circumstances think was excellent."

Kevin Smythe


"Even though it was a virtual event, the meeting was engaging and informative. Well done!"

Spencer Bolgard


"Actually found the virtual meetings went well. We could have more people attend and easier than shuttling around the hotel."

Mike Van Gheem

Hammond Power Solution

"I have to say, for the first time in many years I was able to really attend and learn from the various seminars. Past events we tend to get way to caught up in the MFG's agenda."

Mike Ward

Electrical Products Co.

"Convenient and safe!"

Galen Hollar

Burrus & Matthews, Inc.

"Organization was as good as you could ask for. Everybody was on time and connections were good for the sessions I attended."

Larry Benner

Rouzer Group

"Liked the convenience of the web based format without travel."

Kevin Saunders

Woehner LLC

"I can't imagine how challenging it must have been to turn NEMRA into a virtual event. It was very well done, enjoyable and easy to use. Thank you!!"

Meredith Imlay


"I was happy we were able to hold the event in some fashion."

Christy Goss

Fields Electrical Sales

"Although not all of my MFR's participated with One on One or group meetings, I enjoyed being able to attend the many different presentations. Those I found very valuable."

Tony Larocco

WindShine, LLC

"It was well organized and flowed very well."

Bill Carrao

Talon / Siemens

"Very informative."

David Gordon

Channel Marketing Group - a NEMRA Service Provider

"Due to the pandemic, we haven't been able to have in-depth conversations as frequently as we normally do. This gave us the opportunity to connect."

Alan Schutz

Ascend Sales

"Easy to use interface. Well put together!"

Mike Madjidi

Service Wire Company

"The whole event team did a great job of preparing us for the virtual booth and 20 minute presentation for which we were responsible."

Brent Charles

Repfabric - a NEMRA Service Provider

"Educational breakouts were good."

Mark Hull

Topaz Electric

"Well organized (better than expected)."

Michael McCarthy


"Great idea asking our customers and industry partners to participate."

Clyde Collins

Agents West

"Next best thing to meeting in person."

Jeff Walker

Galvan Industries Inc.

"VR was great. I was able to attend more conferences than ever before. Would be for another VR event next year!!"

Tony DeMarco


"The interaction with the distributors was great what great info."

Mark Garvin

Associated Representatives

"Overall the coordination of all the "moving" parts was well choreographed."

Matthew Scarborough

Tradetech Solutions - a NEMRA Service Provider

"The ability to spread the event across more people in our organization to engage multiple parts of our company."

Kelly Boyd

ElectroRep, Inc.

"I thought it was well prepared and executed. In person is still the better way to go."

Terry Ryan

Curtis H. Stout, Inc.

"Great job transitioning to a virtual event."

Steven Stanford

Service Wire Company

"Well organized and multiple communication on events and schedules."

Michael Bartindale



Gary Popowich

PopTech Sales

"Great job given the time we are in."

Mike Gray

Burrus & Matthews, Inc

"Great energy, amazing technology, great speakers"

Tom Hudak

TriNet - a NEMRA Service Provider

"Smooth as silk!! Great job"

Mark Bates


"Selection of speakers."

Scott D'Alba

Electro Lines, Inc.

"Well organized."

Ramon Egel


"Ran smoothly, on schedule with a variety of topics to explore."

Tony DeCicco


"We got done what we needed to get done."

Ted Sickels

Electra Products Agency

"Content has been very high quality."

Tony Munden

Munden Enterprises

"We were able to get many different voices from around the industry in one venue."

Gregory Reynolds

Flynn & Reynolds

"I thought NEMRA21 was excellent and exceeded all my expectations."

Kevin Cody

Cody Associates