Not just Succession Planning, but “SuccessIN Planning”

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SuccessIN™ Planning - a guide on how to realize the value of your agency in the most cost effective and tax efficient manner.

Traditional succession planning is often viewed from the perspective of planning to sell your agency starting two years before you retire. But, you should be taking a much more holistic view of Succession planning.

T.I.P.S. 4 Reps, a NEMRA service provider with over 20+ years of helping rep agency owners realize the value of their agency, has come to the realization that succession planning will be the most significant planning that a rep agency owner will ever address. This is due to the simple reason that all his/her income, retirement, investments and assets derive from the success of the agency.

The word “success” is in succession planning for a reason. The more success you have in your agency the more success you will have in your overall financial picture. That is why it’s not just succession planning, but SuccessINTM Planning and is also a crucial ingredient in the 5 Pillars of NEMRA’s ROTF Model