Scheduling Effective Meetings

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NEMRA and our Executive Committee task force have developed a series of guidelines and resources to establish a “blueprint” to maximize and ensure highly effective and successful meetings, such as the Manufacturer Sales Meetings (MSMs) and One-on-One Meetings during the annual conference. Our Executive Committee task force is equally represented by both manufacturers and manufacturer’s reps to ensure the development of guidelines necessary for both reps and manufacturers. 

NEMRA Guidelines and resources for Scheduling Effective Meetings are available and free to all NEMRA, CEMRA, and NMG members. 
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Best Practices for MSMs and One-on-One Meetings

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NEMRA is bringing forth best practices that help drive more awareness and understanding of how to use the Manufacturer Sales Meetings (MSMs) and the One-one-One Meetings, some of the most important planning meetings NEMRA members have in the year, to foster and grow profitable partnerships.

What is the Manufacturer Sales Meeting (MSM)?

This is the Manufacturers opportunity to review/cover organizational goals, to bring clarity and understanding as to their objectives and to bring forth any new products and/or resources that will enable their representatives to succeed in reaching and advancing such.  It may also be used to recognize top performers and organizations for prior year performance.

What is the One-on-One Meeting?

The One-on-One Meeting is the Representatives meeting.  It is Representatives opportunity to provide organizational updates as well as to present their business plan on how they will address/reach/exceed the goals and objectives as presented to them by their Manufacturer.  It is also their opportunity to identify any resources and/or enablers that they have and/or may need to achieve such.  It may also be an opportunity to review their contracts, ensuring that they are properly scoped.  It is recommended that the entire presentation be built upon and around the 5 pillars of the ROTF.