Scheduling Effective Annual Conference Meetings

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The Guidelines for Planning the Business, created for our members, were developed by a special NEMRA task force that was formed with the sole purpose of establishing a “blueprint” to maximize and ensure highly effective and successful One on One meetings. Because the task force was assigned with the development of guidelines for both reps and manufacturers, the members of the task force included both manufacturers and manufacturer’s reps.

To ensure these meetings are effective, the manufacturer and the representative
should follow these recommendations:

  • Manufacturer: Provide an agenda, to each of their representatives,
    no later than 60 days in advance of the meeting. This agenda should
    clearly outline the key initiatives and expectations for the coming year.
  • Representative: Upon receipt of the manufacturer agenda,
    representative will build and present their business plan/goals for the
    coming year. This business plan should also include the
    representatives key initiatives and what is needed, from the
    manufacturer, to achieve stated plan/goals.
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