POSConnection Announces Partnership with Budde Marketing Systems

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POSConnection is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Budde Marketing Systems, market leader in POS reporting, commission reporting, and data conditioning across many business verticals.

Budde collects POS files from over 2,500 distributors on behalf of roughly 140 manufacturer clients. They will be working with their electrical industry clients to promote, and ultimately their process to support, the POSConnection initiative over the coming months to streamline the data collection and improve the timeliness and accuracy and reporting of Point-Of-Sale data.

POSConnection is a data highway and helps distributors streamline their POS reporting by standardizing on reporting formats and transmission. Information is sent from the distributor to the hub, algorithmically normalized against a supplier provided product database to ensure UPC or catalog number accuracy, and then aggregated with data from other distributors, from the same manufacturer, into one file for forwarding to the manufacturer.

Through the partnership, Budde customers in the electrical industry will easily be able to connect with their manufacturer partners and deliver data consistent with the NEMRA standards.

Budde is part of a growing alliance of technology partners working together to drive standardization of the POS hub for NEMRA, NEMA and NAED.

For more information on POSConnection visit www.posconnection.com or contact Mark McGready at mark.mcgready@sparxiq.com.

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