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Overcoming Objections – April 28th @ 11:00AM ET

The best way to handle objections is not to handle them. 

Objections are a source of apprehension for most salespeople. When a prospect or customer hits a salesperson with an objection, it is as if the spotlight is suddenly on them, and the salesperson feels like they must go into defense mode.

What would happen if you asked a question instead of defending? There is an unanswered question behind every objection. Your goal is to discover and help your customer answer that question. Successful salespeople ask and then listen. They ask questions regarding the objection. Only once you understand what is causing the objection can you even begin to respond to it.

The next time you hear an objection, listen, empathize, and ask questions. This method is like getting the card in the game Monopoly that says: Advance to Go. You will continue to move the sales process forward.

Join us Wednesday for tips on Overcoming Objections!

April 28, 2021 at 11:00 AM ET (1-hour workshop)

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