Repfabric Passes the Rep of the Future Test

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See how Repfabric can help you obtain four out of the five pillars

Most industry associations like NEMRA have a strategy behind choosing approved service providers for their associations. The NEMRA web site states “We offer our members powerful resources for educational and professional development, networking, and new business opportunities.”  Recently,  NEMRA placed an ad in LinkedIn, promoting the five pillars of success for the “Rep of the Future”“. Repfabric is a NEMRA approved Service Provider, so I chose to read the article looking for ways Repfabric contributes to the core practices and areas of the expertise that will be crucial for a rep organization’s success. Core practices and areas of expertise that are the roadmap to become a dynamic “Rep of the Future.”  It was no surprise to discover that Repfabric CRM SOFTWARE has modules and features that help rep firms with Demand Generation, Planning, Marketing, and Technology – 4 out of the five pillars mentioned in the article.


  1. DEMAND GENERATION – It is one of the core modules of Repfabric. We have several processes that help create demand in the market. Our Activity Journal, also sometimes referred to as our “Opportunity Finder”, is a tool to promote new products in the market on sales calls, as well as identify new business opportunities. For those firms who do not follow a formalized sales process, we collaborate with firms to help them establish a process that works for the products they sell and markets they call on. When used in conjunction with the Sales Call Plan feature, salespeople can plan their calls for the week ahead from a drop-down menu of all the new products, priority products, initiatives, campaigns, and promotions in less than 2 minutes. By doing so, they can make sure they have all the required literature and samples needed for that upcoming call. By being prepared on the call, a salesperson can shorten the sales cycle by as much as 16%. With a database that supports SIC codes and Vertical Markets, reps that use Repfabric can zero in on the type of accounts that the factory has identified with certain SIC codes or vertical markets from their own database. Accounts can be classified very simply or as detailed as a firm desire, (i.e., identifying electrical, mechanical, civil, and other types of Engineers firms if desired.)


  1. PLANNING – Repfabric’s new goals module makes it simple to take a manufacturers’ quota and have the software automatically keep track each month based on sales information provided imported into the Sales & Commission Module. Goals can be set for “x” number of training meetings, architect calls, joint calls with a buying group distributor and more. As mentioned earlier, our Call Planning feature is the only kind of tool in the industry that gives the Rep firm a systematic way to execute manufacturer directives and initiatives and promote key products.


  1. MARKETING – With a Repfabric database of customers that can be classified by type, sorted by SIC code or vertical market and contacts that can be sorted by role or title, it gives a rep firm a jump start promoting new or enhanced products. Repfabric works with several Third party email marketing products that can not only tell the rep firm if the email was opened, but more powerfully, if the customer clicked on a link to view the product on a web site.


  1. TECHNOLOGY – Repfabric is a CRM software solution with marketing automation, data analytics with Power Bi graphs and reports. The system uses the Microsoft suite of products including Teams for virtual meetings and SharePoint for document libraries. It even supports Gmail and runs on Apple products. Our Mobile version uses voice to text for quick and easy updates, prompts you to document a phone call if needed and has all open quotes, opportunities, jobs, and sales figures right in the palm of your hand.


If you are looking for a NEMRA approved Service Provider who can help your firm become the “Rep of the Future,” look no further than Repfabric. And you can count on Repfabric to continue to be a leader in Sales Automation software, developing the necessary tools that create efficiencies in the business and smarter methodologies to increase sales faster.

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