Thank You for Attending NEMRA22

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To Our Valued Members Who Attended NEMRA22…

NEMRA wishes to genuinely thank you for supporting and participating at NEMRA22, our 52nd Annual Conference, bringing our association back together!

The conference altogether brought over 1,300 reps and manufacturers, as well as 29 total service providers and exhibitors, representing both the United States and Canada. NEMRA22 successfully incorporated elements from both a virtual and in-person conference, and provided our members with a safe, productive and more efficient conference experience. The professional development, technology, emerging talent and NECA sessions were anchored by outstanding speakers, and our 2 keynote speakers were just as exceptional in providing relevant and empowering messages.

NEMRA hosted 47 group meetings virtually, two weeks prior, with the expectation of a broader and greater level of participation. With 4,000+ participants, it certainly met those expectations.

Modular meeting spaces ushered in a more effective and more productive use of time for members to attend and conduct the very important one on one meetings in person. With 112 meeting spaces and 21 hours allocated, more than 2,300 one-on-one meetings took place.

The modular suites along with the virtual group meetings will pave the way for NEMRA to engage more members and to pursue new locations for future conferences. 

Thank you for investing the time and resources to help bring the association back together and recognize our 52nd Annual Conference! We couldn’t have done any of this without you!

Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson