This Week’s Sales Concepts Workshop: Selling Benefits

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Why do customers buy?

Features, Advantages, and Benefits. Anyone who has been selling for any amount of time has heard these three words together. Salespeople hear these words so frequently; they become one word – FAB. Salespeople often forget to focus on the importance of each term and what they mean for the prospect or customer.

  • Feature – A distinctive attribute or aspect of a product or service
  • Advantage – The performance difference relative to competitive options based on the feature
  • Benefit – What the feature does to fulfill the need of the prospect or customer

Salespeople typically sell what something is – the feature. Prospects and customers buy what something does – the benefit. Speak with your customers about what something does for them personally, that is what creates the emotional connection.

Ask questions to discover what your prospects and customers want. Then help your customers understand how the features of your products and services help them accomplish their desires. Only then can you convey and discuss the unique value of your products and services to your prospects and customers.

Join us Wednesday to hone your skills in selling benefits!

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at 11:00 AM ET (1-hour workshop)

NEMRA PRICE: $139.00 $125.00 USD**

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