IMARK Endorses NEMRA’s POS/POT Standards

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Recognizing the importance of NEMRA sales agents to the success of each of its members, the IMARK Board of Directors, at its recent board meeting, learned more about the NEMRA Point of Sale / Point of Transfer Minimum Reporting Standards from Ken Hooper. As a result of the meeting and learning that 39 manufacturers/brands, many being…

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2018 NEMRA Sales and Marketing Leadership Program at Kellogg

NEMRA Powers Forward at 2018 Meeting

NEMRA Powers Forward at 2018 Meeting

Save the Date! 2018 NEMRA Annual Conference

NEMRA18 will take place Jan 31 - Feb 3, 2018 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

NEMRA Executive Development Program at Kellogg

Registration Now Open for Program on November 27-30, 2017

NEMRA Doubles Manufacturer POS Endorsements

Last year NEMRA proposed minimum POS / POT reporting standards with the support of seventeen manufacturers.

Graybar Supports NEMRA Point-of-Sale Initiative

Graybar, one of the nation’s leading electrical and communications distributors, has taken a leadership position in announcing support for NEMRA’s Point-of-Sale (POS)/Point-of-Transfer (POT) standardization initiative.

NEMRA Finalizes POS/POT Standards…26 Manufacturers Endorse

For the past 18 months NEMRA has been working with its NMG (NEMRA Manufacturer Group) to better understand the impact of the lack of industry standards to report point of sale (POS) and point of transfer (POT) between distributors and manufacturers.

NEMRA Doubles Manufacturer POS Endorsements

At the recent NEMRA Annual conference seventeen electrical manufacturers endorsed proposed reporting formats for point of sale / point of transfer (POS / POT) reports submitted by distributors to manufacturers and supplied to manufacturer reps by their manufacturers.

NEMRA POS/POT Initiative Gains Endorsements

Getting paid properly is important to everyone. After all, if you’re not paid a “fair” wage (or at least what you’ve been promised), then why would you expend energy on an initiative?

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