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The biggest expense for most NEMRA Reps, after wages and benefits, is automotive expenses. NEMRA was able to tackle this common expense problem once and for all with the partnerships of two separate, valuable association service providers. Both are leaders in the automotive rentals and sales industry, providing you with more resources to go further for less. We worked to capitalize the membership’s buying power to leverage better pricing that could not be reached by Reps when acting independently.

Looking to replace fleet vehicles, or buy a new truck for your delivery services? There’s vehicle options for everyone with NEMRA Rides & Rentals! 

All NEMRA Members can immediately take advantage of this service benefit, even for their own personal use! 

Program Service Providers

Enterprise will provide our members with:

  • Low-Mileage, Used Vehicles for Purchase
  • Vehicles for Rental (pre-negotiated rates)

Penske will provide our members with:

  • New or Used Vehicles for Lease
  • New Vehicles for Purchase
Disclaimer: There is no affiliation between Enterprise and Penske. Each provider has its own separate Service Provider agreement with NEMRA.

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Click on the providers below to learn more about the different services they offer.

Program Disclaimer: Enterprise and Penske are separate entities and have reach individual signed agreements with NEMRA. The overarching NEMRA Rides & Rentals Program incorporates both Enterprise’s and Penske’s programs and services, but these programs and services ultimately stand on their own and cannot be bundled in any manner, nor will they be discounted if you choose to utilize both providers. There is no affiliation between Enterprise and Penske, and they do not have any existing partnerships or signed agreements with one another with how it relates to this NEMRA Program. NEMRA does not own the vehicles, programs and/or services being offered, by Enterprise and Penske. NEMRA does not have authorization over the benefits and services being offered by Enterprise and Penske, and these benefits and/or programs are subject to change at any time. The NEMRA Rides & Rentals Program is a member-benefit program for dues-paying, NEMRA Members only, and has associated costs.