Financial Operating Report

Want to know how your firm’s performance compares to other reps firms? The NEMRA Financial Operating Report provides the benchmarking data you need to compare your results and optimize your profit. Developed annually in partnership with Industry Insights, Inc, the report offers a detailed view of the financial performance in our industry. Most importantly, the data compares your firm to other firms like yours, based on size, location, and type of agency. All of the data is submitted directly to Industry Insights and is guaranteed to be held in strict confidence. NEMRA does not see any data or participate in the production of the report.

Submitting your data is easy, fast, and confidential. Industry Insights has a team of accountants on call to assist in populating the survey. And…there is no charge to participate.

All participants of the NEMRA Financial Operating Report will receive the following:

  • A copy of the full Industry-Wide Report
  • A customized Company Performance Report with a “Graded Report Card”
  • Access to interactive Online Reporting Tools

Industry Insights, Inc. has been a leader in association reporting services since 1980 with over 200 association clients.  All responses will be returned directly to Industry Insights where they will be kept in strict confidence; no individual company responses will be shared with NEMRA or any other person or organization.

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