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Since its inception, Distributor Information Services Corp. (DISC Corp.) has been delivering reliable, relevant, and trusted market intelligence. Whether through its robust suite of cloud-based software or via our subscription-based reports sent directly to your inbox, DISC Corp. is the leader in forecasting the future of the electrical wholesaling industry. 
DISC Corp. is staffed with a complement of economists and programmers to provide the industry’s most trusted analyses. The company provides industry sales for national and regional market segmentation (customer type) and NAICS industry-specific forecasts. Our suite of applications is ideal for Electrical Distributors, Electrical Manufacturers, Electrical Manufacturers’ Representatives and Financial Market Companies. 

The industry market forecasts produced by  DISC Corp. have been proven to be historically accurate. Add to this that  DISC Corp. is the only source of granular electrical industry market data, and the net result is that  DISC Corp. is more than first-in-class, it is best-in-class.

Disc Corp

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