Talent for an Emerging Workforce

Talent availability has many industry leaders questioning how they will ramp up their talent pool to support new customer expectations and emerging technologies. At the same time, leaders must balance the steep curve of retirements, recruit new talent and equip current employees with the skillsets required to grow business. Quite a tall order. It’s no wonder why senior leaders have named ‘talent availability’ the top game changer impacting their business.

This report, Talent for an Emerging Workforce, the newest addition to the series of NEMRA Market Insights, draws out many important call-to-actions for members. Among them, is the need for our industry to elevate the role of Human Resources and empower this team with the skillsets required to strategize, shape and steer organizational development practices. The HR function is the key driver for talent management and must become a strategic partner in aligning talent requirements with organizational goals. The report highlights other aspects on how the Electrical industry can streamline its talent availability gap to ultimately drive business growth.

Report was curated and published in a collaborative effort with PWC and our partners from EFC.

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