Code of Ethics

The National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association, a trade association of independent sales representatives in the electrical industry, is organized to promote the continued growth of its membership. By strengthening each company’s sales, marketing, and management skills, the association demonstrates to the electrical industry in general, as well as to customers and suppliers, the advantages of doing business with an independent sales representative. To further these objectives and to bring them within practical reach of its members, the association develops and maintains programs and activities designed to help them conduct their business in an ethical, efficient and productive manner. To implement these worthy goals, members of NEMRA voluntarily subscribe to a code of ethics which urges them to refrain from:

  • Willfully inducing a principal company to break its contractual relationship with another representative;
  • Willfully inducing an employee of another representative to breach his/her employment relationship with his or her employer;
  • Suggesting or agreeing to divide commissions with customers or those representing other than the representatives' own principals;
  • Slandering or libeling another representative, or impugning his intentions, motives or actions;
  • Betraying the confidence of other representatives or customers or principals
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