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John Vrablic and his firm, T.I.P.S. 4 Reps, is a NEMRA service provider focused on Tax, Investment, Pension and Succession Planning for Reps.

Tax Planning and Cash Management – Converting and sheltering taxable income

Investment Management – Fi360 Fiduciary Score

Pension Planning – Pension Efficiency Analysis

Succession Planning – REP Management (Retirement and Exit Plan), RISK Management (Retention, Incentive and Succession of key people)

John has been working closely with manufacturer’s representatives for over 15 years and has grown to represent reps in numerous industries. John has become widely known as a leading expert in the areas of financial and succession planning where our members need professional counsel. NEMRA members receive a one hour free consultation.

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Purchase T.I.P.S. 4 Reps' Professional Business Valuation and check out their SuccessIN Planning Tools

professional business valuation available at nemra member rate of $3,500 and successin planning tools are complimentary

SuccessIN Planning Tools: 

  • Learn about Rep Management (Retirement and Exit Plan) and RISK Management (Retention, Incentive, and Succession of Key People). 

  • Complimentary – REPort Card Assessment.

  • Complimentary – “SuccessIN Planning” White Paper.

Professional Business Valuation:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the current worth of your business with the rep specific REPresentative Valuation professional business valuation.

    • NEMRA Exclusive – Member only rate of $3,500.

Custom designed, creative and proactive tax, investment, pension and succession planning strategies