Big Changes Coming to the Membership Ecosystem

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Get ready for a revamped online member experience!

We listened to your feedback about our online member portal and ecosystem, and we focused on what matters most to improve the online membership experience. We’re happy to announce a new ecosystem, powered by iMIS, a cloud-based and best-in-class Association Management System (AMS).

Our new system will make managing your NEMRA profile an absolute breeze, just as easy as managing your social profile(s). As for company admins, it will be just as easy to manage the company profile and membership dues.

Just within your profile dashboard you’ll be able to manage your profile info, access member benefits and resources, conference registration, securely pay membership dues, apply for and participate in committees, and much more!

There’s also an easy way to track your engagement, see your “engagement score” to breakdown your participation, and learn about other association benefits you can take advantage of to improve your score.

The online directory has seen a major upgrade with an improved and easy-to-use interface, filters that work flawlessly, and the ability to ‘view/export all results’ so you can print out all the listings at once. Our new directory is also a real-time list of member profiles, so you know the results you are seeing are the most up-to-date profiles. We will also continuously improve and add additional features and filters to the directory as they become available.

Lastly, we’re integrating our new system with single sign-on (SSO) technology that will allow you to use just one set of credentials to access our public website, the Member Portal, NEMRA University and registering for our annual conference.

We’re ready to better serve and understand your needs.

As for us at NEMRA, we’re ready to utilize a more modern system that will fuse all our member data from across all our programs and platforms. With data flowing through one data source, NEMRA will streamline processes, automate mundane tasks, unlock new opportunities and growth, and push this association into the modern digital age.

With this comes hundreds of positives to our members, but none more important than our ability to understand member behaviors, sentiment and utilization of our programs and resources. With better understanding comes better service, and that was at the top of our mindset when we set out to implement a new database and membership ecosystem. More than ever before, NEMRA is aiming to provide relevant and impactful resources and support to our members. 

This is just year one with our new system, and we have big plans to go even further in the years to come. The new membership ecosystem will go live the week of May 29th, 2024, and the SSO for BlueVolt will take effect by the end of June. 

Stay tuned for announcements and instructions via email (please whitelist, as well as on our LinkedIn and website blog as we launch the new system and SSO features!

Screenshots of new member portal…