Expand Your Health & Wellness Awareness

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Our exclusive health coverage provider, LIG Solutions wants you and your family to stay healthy this Spring! Read through the different articles to expand your health and wellness awareness.

  • LIG Health and Wellness Round-Up – Healthy living, healthy eating, and mental health tips for 2021 that could help keep your health care cost down when paired with the benefits of your health coverage!
  • Dental Insurance – Coverage for Individuals, Families, and the Self-Employed – Keep up with your oral health, dental insurance is important for your overall health. There are options available for everyone, learn what questions to consider when selecting your dental plan.
  • Small Business Benefits – Are you looking to start or focus on your small business full-time? Before making that transition, have a plan for your health coverage, supplemental insurance, and retirement savings! Explore what options are available and best for you and your family.
  • Working from Home – Health Habits – As employees transitioned to remote work over the past year, it is important to remember to stay active and MOVE! Working outside of the office, it is common to move less and stay in a stationary position longer. Learn how to incorporate more movement in your day.
  • HIPPA and You! – Do you ever wonder what all the paperwork is used for when you visit the doctors or medical professional? Where does this go and who has access to it? Through HIPPA your information is kept secure, learn about your rights!

LIG Solutions can help you review your health coverage options – contact the team at LIG today! Check our organization’s membership section to learn how to access this exclusive member benefits program.