Important Changes to Manufacturer Sales Meetings at NEMRA22

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MSM's go virtual to enhance the experience for all!

Continuing from our successful NEMRA21 virtual conference, NEMRA will be hosting all Manufacturing Sales Meetings virtual the week of January 10th.  We will be hosting this on the same, secure platform we used for the NEMRA21 Virtual Conference.  Schedule and details will be posted on 10/05/21, and updated weekly, on the NEMRA22 Conference page.

By hosting the MSM’s virtually, it will not only provide the opportunity to engage more participants, but also maximize the productivity and effectiveness for one-on-one meetings at the conference. This change also provides more time for everyone to attend the speaker, professional development and educational sessions being offered at NEMRA22. 

For any questions, please reach out to Kathy Coppi, Sr. Meeting Planner

To learn more about NEMRA22, and all conference event sessions, please visit our NEMRA22 page!