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Give to the NEMRA Empower Tomorrow Fund, and support a variety of programs and resources for college students and NEMRA members.

One of the best ways to ensure the growth and strength of our industry, and our country, is through education.  With your generous support, the Empower Tomorrow Fund is able to award 21 scholarships annually to children of NEMRA Members.

The NEMRA Educational Foundation is a qualified charitable organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the Foundation are fully tax deductible. Tax ID # 13-3523027.

You may make a donation using the online form here, or by contacting NEMRA at:

Tel: (317) 975-1999

Your generosity will make a difference!

Scholarship Donor Levels

Contributing Donor

  • An annual contribution of any amount

One-time Named Scholarship Donor
(in Memory or Honor of)

  • NEMRA will award a one time scholarship as a memorial or honorary scholarship based on a minimum contribution of $1,000

Lifetime Named Scholarship Donor

  • NEMRA will establish a perpetual named scholarship based on a minimum contribution of $20,000

A Special Thank You to those who have contributed to the
2020 NEMRA Educational Foundation

Brian Dunbar
Casey Bergquist, Inc.
Cathy Egan
Chris Austin
Christopher Fox
D.A.D. Sales
Dale Hull
Dennis Tulimieri
Desdowd Inc.
Donald J. Hickey & Associates
Donald Yore
E-TEL, Inc.
ElectroRep, Inc.
Gary Lessing
Intralec Electrical Products, LTD
James Yore
Joe Bertsch Electrical Sales
John Scott
Larry Rodger
Lawrence Rodgers
Lesco Inc.
Martin Electrical Sales, Inc.
Michael Smith
Nancy Martin
Nancy Young
One Source Associates
Pfeiffer Sales Company
Robert A. Amey Company
Willis Milner

NEMRA Empower Tomorrow Fund

Donation Form

Donate Today

NEMRA Empower Tomorrow Fund

Donation Form

Donate Today

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